Becoming Unthawed

December 1st, 2008

In an ABC News report of Charlie Gibson’s just-aired interview with President Bush, the President is quoted as saying in regard to government action on the economy: 

Slowly but surely, the system is becoming unthawed, and it’s going to take time for the system to become unthawed.  What the American people have got to know is we’ve taken the steps to unthaw it, which is the first step to recovery.

I wonder what “becoming unthawed” means.  Does it mean the economy is freezing again?  Is bourbon and unthawed water the same as bourbon on the rocks?

President Bush is an intelligent man, no doubt, but he sure has trouble with words!

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5 Responses to “Becoming Unthawed”

  1. Brian |

    You cannot unthaw a fiat currency system. Every one of them, without exception, from the Roman Dinarius to the Hungarian Pengo, has failed, destroying the economy of the country whose leaders were either too avaricious to care or to dull to understand the end. In this, Bush is no different than 95 years worth of predecessors.

  2. doris |

    Huh?What the?? Brian you are way beyond me or are on crack. I think Bush is an idiot. I pretty much can’t see calling it frozen,as I understand it,we are too liquid and big business was spending and spending,and not their money. Loaning to deadbeats,I know a few,and losing our,their asses,but when do we get unthawed? and when were we frozen? I saw that interview and he corrected his speaking about three times,no doubt thinking of Laura cringing,and he is still a dumb hick ,to me,and has only bumbled his way through this terrible dream he awaken from,after one of his binders…..Thank God and greyhound,he’s gone.

  3. Brian |

    Fiat currency – money that has no inherent desirable quality, which has only the faith of the people in ??? It is backed by nothing, and once a large enough percentage of the population realizes this, it ceases to be a thing of value, a thing for which people will exchange goods or services. Precious metals, for whatever reason of human nature, do not devalue because people always value them.

    For example: in 1920, you could walk into a hardware store and plunk down a gold, $20 double eagle and buy a Colt 1911A1 .45 pistol, with a few boxes of ammo to boot. Today, that same pistol is valued at about $900 in Federal reserve notes. Yet, if you go to a gun show, provided you pass the background check, you can purchase that same pistol for that same $20 gold double eagle that you could 90 years ago.

    The value change has been the dollar, not gold, and not what you can purchase with gold.

  4. Tom |

    Brian, thanks for the explanation. Interesting.

    However, the value of gold coins today is based on the gold content, not the face value. The coin you might use to buy your M1911 is worth probably $800-$900. In other words, about the same as you would pay in fiat currency.

    By the way, as I understand it, you can buy weapons at gun shows in Texas without a background check unless you’re drunk, a minor, a felon, or the person selling it to you has a federal firearms license. At the average gun show, a lot of sellers are federally licensed, but many aren’t. This is great for criminals and terrorists. For example, Mexican crime cartels and folks like David Koresh have armed themselves out of Texas gun shows. This needs to be stopped, and I hope the legislature addresses it again.

  5. doris |

    Thanks,Brian,WOW. They were right,You are brilliant.Tom is correct,in Texas I can go to a gun show and not be checked ,even if I am a felon,I could purchase a firearm,semi automatic,even .No one checks out anyone,and any kind of weapon or book about any form of killing is there for the purchase,by any person,only stipulation,breathing.It is a shame and should be stopped,but it is Texas and I don’t think it’s gonna happen,too many good ole boys.

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