December 9th, 2008

When some people think of Christmas they think about presents, decorating Christmas Trees, and Santa.  I love Christmas shopping and asking people what they want for Christmas.  I believe in the spirit of Santa.  My mom always makes us wait at the top of the stairs, and then she gets her camera and takes a picture of our faces when we see the presents.  I always hate waiting on her to get ready to take the picture.  I never really sleep well the night before because I’m so excited about Christmas.

Another thing I like about Christmas is going to Church and listening to and singing Christmas songs.  My sister Ashley loves the part when we set Christmas cookies and milk out for Santa.  She’s so excited to see the Christmas cookies and milk gone in the morning.  Our family also watches the nativity.  It’s always a fun thing to watch.  We used to always have a fake tree, but now we’re starting to get real trees.  I love the smell of real Christmas trees. We always set up and decorate the tree after Thanksgiving.

What does Christmas mean to you?  I think that Christmas is a time for giving and for celebrating the birth of Christ.  But, I think Jesus was born in April, though.  At my school, our music teacher asked us to make a Christmas card for the people at the nursing home.  Then, the choir students are going to go deliver the card.  They are also going to sing Christmas songs to them.  I thought that was really sweet.  That is what Christmas is all about, being charitable and giving.

Where I live, it never snows.  So, I can’t really make a snowman.  I’ve only seen snow once and it didn’t last long.  It lasted only a couple of hours.  But, I did make a snowman.  We didn’t use carrots for a nose, rocks for eyes, or a hat for the snowman.  That day was the day I made one of my best friends.  I remember playing in the back of my mom’s truck because there was a lot of snow in it.  It was really fun, though. I really miss snow.

I can’t wait until Christmas! Only 16 more days!

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7 Responses to “Christmas”

  1. doris |

    Let it snow,Let it snow,Let it snow!!!I love snow,but no chance of it here.When we lived in Illinois,it snowed alot-ask your grandpa,Amber.Christmas in Tx. is just not right.Christmas this year will be slim,everyone is broke…sad to say. The spirit of Christmas is struggling to stay alive in my house.I live with a bah-humbuger!

  2. Lillie |

    I believe the true spirit of Christmas is seen in the faces of young people like Amber, and it brings joy to the world, no matter who you are. The beautiful spirit the children bring to us can give each of us hope for a brighter future, one of love and caring and compassion for others.

  3. Tom |

    Amber, you did good, again! When I read your words, “That is what Christmas is all about, being charitable and giving,” it made me think what a better world this would be if everyone really felt the same way. Merry Christmas!

  4. Andrea |

    Hi Amber! I love your article! Here in Belgrade streets are already nicely decorated and we hope it will snow soon. I too love Christmas time and joys that it brings to our homes! Merry Christmas to you and to your family!

  5. Stephaine |

    Hey Amber I saw on the news that it snow in Texas last night! I hope you got some of that where you are. I enjoy your articles. I agree with Tom in that the world wouldbe a better place if there were more people like you! Keep up the good work! Merry Christmas Sweetie!

  6. Mom |

    Hey sweetie! I love you so much and it made me feel so good to read that others see what I do. Now I know its not just becasue I’m your mom. 8) You are a very special little lady! I have known that all along! 8) I am thankful for you in my life! And I am thankful that you enjoy writing and others can get uplifted by you as I am.
    Love Forever, Mom

  7. tabbi |

    To the bah-humbuger…Mary and Joseph did not have a lot of money when they were begging in the street for a place to stay the night of Jesus’ birth. I say the “Christmas Spirit” is alive and well in your house, the poor and the “Inn keeper” who shall remain nameless, are alive and well there. Try to focus on the meaning of Christmas, who it is actually about, and remember, you are blessed in a lot of ways that a lot of persons are not….At least you still have all of your toes…LOL

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