Intruder in the Building

December 11th, 2008

Today we had a drill in seventh period.  As we were doing our English assignment the principal said over the intercom, “Intruder in the building.”  We all rushed to the side of the wall where you can’t be seen if someone looks in the window.  One person even got under the teacher’s desk.  (That didn’t make him very happy.)  A few minutes passed and the principal said, “All clear.”  Then we went back to our seats.

As I was thinking about what just happened, I thought of something.  If someone was really in the building with a gun, what would stop him from just breaking the glass with the end of his gun?  Also, as soon as the principal said the alert he would know that people knew he was there.  What is the point of hiding and turning off the lights?  He knows that school is going on.  Is that person really that stupid?

What if someone was in the bathroom when this happened?  Even funnier, on the toilet!  Also, what if kids were outside at recess when this happened?  What else could we do instead of turning off the lights and hiding?

We can’t predict when someone is going to come to the school and threaten people.  I guess we are doing all we can.

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3 Responses to “Intruder in the Building”

  1. Tom |

    I’m sorry you guys have to worry about that kind of thing, Amber. Unfortunately, sometimes there are weird people who want to cause trouble. It sounds like your school is doing the best they can to protect you, and that’s good.

  2. doris |

    I have noticed at that school anyone can pick up a child if the child goes to them willingly,without any kind of checking or credentials,this worries me. Most likely if there is an intruder ,he will know all about your school and the only thing you can do is hide and hope he doesn’t find you-highly unlikely,though that anyone will do that here,so don’t worry.Not too funny if it’s you in the restroom???WE GOT SNOW!!!!YEAH!!!!!!IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. My son 25,didn’t remember ever seeing snow before,sad.

  3. tabbi |

    Maybe if they would let God come back to school, we wouldn’t have to worry about intruders terrorizing our kids while they were trying to gain a little knowledge, then Jay Leno wouldn’t have to make fun of them because they don’t know who the president is and where the Middle East is located.

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