The Wii

January 21st, 2009

I got a Wii for Christmas and have been playing it non-stop. It’s so much fun! We have lots of Wii games. We have Sing-it, Guitar Hero, Play-it, Sports, High School Musical Dance, and Dance Revolution.

My favorite Wii game is probably Guitar Hero. I play that game the most. On Guitar Hero you can make your own rock band. You can also choose if you want to use the microphone, guitar, or drums. I always use the guitar. All of the songs on our Guitar Hero are songs from a long time ago. My two favorite songs on the game are Eye of the Tiger and Livin’ on a Prayer.

On the Wii you can make your own Mii’s. A Mii is a person you create to be “you” in games. There is also a news channel and a shopping center on the Wii. But, to get those you have to have an internet connection hooked up to your Wii.

My other favorite game is Sing-it. Our Sing-it has Disney songs on it. There’s High School Musical, Camp Rock, Vannessa Hudgens, Aly & Aj, and Hannah Montana songs on there. I love this game because I love to sing.

The Wii may cost a lot but it is so worth it! I recommend this to any family. Not just children, parents too! Some adults even buy it just for themselves. It was actually rated as the most family-oriented, too. This is my favorite game system!

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3 Responses to “The Wii”

  1. cube |

    I can relate to the Wii. The games are fun for families, even the video-player-challenged ones. The games are very easy to follow. We got the Wii fit this year. It’s a workout!

  2. Ladybug |

    Amber I agree with you about Wii. Our family has one now and we play with it all the time. Sometimes there are little arguments about what game but its really nice for us to do something together. But nobody wants to do their homework now! It really is the best game system!

  3. Liberty Belle |

    Amber, my neighbors have a wii, and I go over and play theirs all the time. I have really enjoyed playing guitar hero, though I know I will never be as excellent at it as my neighbors, it is a coordination enhanced game, which I need badly! It is a very good way to become ambidextrous, and keep you on your feet. The games are also very good for people who want to work out like me, and supposedly over half of America. You are right, it is expensive, you would think that they would make a good thing for people, less expensive! Have Fun!!

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