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February 6th, 2009

My favorite teacher is probably my Art teacher, Ms. Brown. I have Art second period. She’s really cool and a good teacher. Personally, I like teachers who are strict but not too strict. I like strict teachers because the students don’t get away with stuff when they’re around. Ms. Brown can be really nice but if you do something wrong, it won’t be too good. I love Art so much, and she makes it even better! In Art class we do lots of projects. The one I am looking forward to is the clay project. We just finished a photo project where we glue a picture to a piece of paper then expand the picture by painting on the sides, top, and bottom of the sheet of paper. Another project that we did was a 3-D cube. Now, we are making a color wheel.

My first class is Science. I love science because it is interesting and fun. It is my favorite subject. I want to be a doctor so it makes sense that I love science. I really love looking through the microscopes at cells and stuff, so cool! I love to learn new stuff in Science.

I have gym third period. My gym teacher is Coach Rodriguez. We mostly worked on basketball and volleyball skills lately. The first part of the year we learned about football, that was fun. We also run, run, and run. We ran the mile for the fitness test last week. After we ran the mile he wrote down how long it took us to run it on a sheet of paper. This week he told us he lost it, and we have to run it again! I am not looking forward to it.

I’m in advanced Math. I really love math, too. My math teacher is pretty and teaches us a lot.

I have a Reading class and it’s fun. We read passages and take quizzes. Also, we have to read books and take tests or write essays on them. I always make my goal very early. I love to read. I am reading Eragon right now. I am almost done and will be starting the second book.

English is boring. It’s too easy for me. And I’m not fond of my teacher in that class.

Social Studies class is the least interesting to me. I used to–well, I guess still do–call it my worst subject, though this year I have a 100 average. Heh, heh.

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4 Responses to “Teachers and Classes”

  1. lillie |

    Amber, you are such an excellent student, and it is interesting to read about your teachers. I hope they find ways to challenge you. I know you will learn, because you challenge yourself and push yourself to doing more than expected of you. Reading past your goal is an understatement – you read an entire college Psychology book as an “extra” reading assignment for yourself, and took detailed notes on it!! I am very proud of your abilities and encourage you in your writing – I love it!

  2. Tom |

    Amber, I agree with Lillie. You really are an excellent student, driven by intellectual curiousity and a desire to learn. That will take you a long way in life. Reading, writing, and creative thinking not only help make you successful; they expand the horizons of your mind and open up whole new worlds for you.

  3. Brianna |

    Amber, speaking as one who has recently started to find out just how much her social studies classes DIDN’T cover, I don’t blame you for not liking it too much. But the subject is in fact crucially important. If you don’t know your history, then you will never have any ammunition with which to defend yourself against the people who try to revise it in favor of whatever ideas or political programs they are pushing this week. English and writing are also essential. First because if you can’t communicate your ideas to others then there’s really not much point in having ideas, and second because learning how to state your thoughts clearly on paper is instrumental in clarifying those ideas and improving your ability to think.

    I’m glad you like math and science. So do I. They are what taught me that theories have to work in reality to be valid and that ideas must be integrated into a single, systematic whole. They are also powerful tools in understanding nature, harnessing it, and making it work in your favor. I’m also glad you like to read, because there is no single more important tool for independent, individual learning and building a strong, integrated worldview. Plus, it’s fun! But don’t neglect the humanities; they’re far too important to leave to whim and chance.

  4. Amber |

    I’ll try to make social studies fun. Yeah, reading is so much fun!

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