February 24th, 2009

Put yourself in this situation: Your friend tells you there’s a beautiful and peaceful lake down the road. There is a locked gate and a “No Trespassing” sign around the gate. Your friend tells you that there’s a key under a rock by the gate. You get the key and unlock the gate and go in. You have lots of fun swimming in the lake. The next day you have blisters everywhere and itch a lot. You go to the hospital and it turns out that the water in the lake is toxic waste. Would you be mad at your friend? I would be upset. But you had two warnings. The locked gate and the “No Trespassing” sign.

There are all kinds of temptations in life. We know what the warnings are and what the consequences of our actions are. We need to be cautious of temptation.

Here are some of the temptations we might face:

One is to get rich quick, which can lead to shoplifting or other kinds of stealing. The result is loss of reputation, a criminal record, and jail.

Another temptation is self-gratification, perhaps resulting in drug abuse. The result is addiction, brain damage, ill health, or even death.

Finally, there is the temptation of instant pleasure and popularity. The result is immorality, loss of virtue and self-esteem, and possibly pregnancy out of wedlock and disease.

We can avoid temptation by maintaining good moral standards, which for some people means guidance from religious beliefs. Having good moral standards can help us avoid depression. We can also feel it when something is wrong.

We need to be cautious of what’s right and what’s wrong. Like one time I went to Hot Topic with my friend. We went there to get a shirt that had Edward on it from “Twilight.” Hot Topic is a Goth store that has really bad stuff and bad music inside. But I wanted to go in there to get the “Twilight” shirt. It felt bad, like a part of me was gone. So I left the store.

I know that I have standards to guide me and tell me what’s wrong and what’s right by a feeling inside. I know that if I am cautious and stay close to my beliefs that I will have a better chance of not giving in to temptation.

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9 Responses to “Temptation”

  1. Sandra |

    You said a lot of wise things Amber. It sounds like you are very mature and have a good head on your shoulders. I have twin daughters your age and I will get them to read what you have written. Thanks!

  2. rob |

    I wish I had pupils like you in my classes. Keep up the good blogging, Amber!

  3. Tom |

    Amber, this is a very thoughtful article. It’s good advice for anyone of any age, even us somewhat older folks. We all need to have high moral and ethical standards, and we must rely on them to show us the right way even when we’re strongly tempted to do something wrong.

  4. Jessica |

    Me and my sister both like what you said. Its real hard somtime to know what is the right thing to do becuase lots of the others want to do stuff that is wrong. So they do it and its fun and you think well, why not. I like the other stuff you wrote too but not the sewing one. Its to much work!

  5. doris |

    Good job, Amber. I do, however, dissagree about the music at Hot topic, I don’t think any music is bad if it is felt by the listeners. I know what you mean, though, some has bad words in it. Maybe that’s the only way to get to some kids, bigger ones, hopefully. I think Hot topics is for older teens, about 18 and up. You are brave and right to leave there, we should all be so strong??? huh, Tom?

  6. Tom |

    Yep! 😉

  7. Robert |

    I commend you for your article. I know these things should be obvious to everyone, but sometimes it needs to be said again. The Silent Majority

  8. MOM |

    Wow! I couldn’t be more proud of you my dear daughter! Words can’t express the love and feelings I have for you. You are growing up to be such a smart little lady! But way too fast for mom. 8) I am proud of your dedication to your beliefs and high standards. And if you’re having a feeling something is bad or wrong, then it probably is, because you have the purest heart that I know.

    It is a big challenge for people of all ages not to give in and do what their friends are doing. And if they are doing wrong and having fun and not geting “caught.” It may be even harder. But just remember that if it feels wrong then it IS and you can be much prouder of yourself knowing that you choose to do the right thing.

    I also know you believe music that has cursing in it, is bad. Which is understadable for people that really know you or people that have your same standards. Music, for us, is suppose to lift you up and leave you with a good feeling. I very am proud that you are offended by things that don’t give you that feeling. And most of all for listening to your feelings and being so in tune with them. May you never be as worldly as the rest of us and out of tune! You can keep that feeling inside as long as you always follow it. You are certainly heading down the right road to return to Him. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU AMBER!

  9. Amber |

    Doris, why I said the music was bad was because the words were filthy and talking about sexual stuff. It did also have lots of cuss words in them. There were also sexual innuendoes and undertones. There were lots of little kids in there, and I don’t think they should be playing that while they’re in there.

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