Bailouts and Suckers

March 2nd, 2009

Tax season reminds us how much money the government took away from us last year and maybe how much we still have to pay.  This tax season is worse than most.  As the government embarks on a wild spending spree intended to bail out malefactors and stimulate the economy, we have to wonder about some things.  

The government doesn’t have that much money, so where will it come from?  Taxing the rich into poverty won’t do it.  Printing new money is not an answer.  We can’t get enough from China.  Worse than that, where’s it going? 

The majority of Americans who work hard, pay their bills, and save a little aren’t going to see much of it, if any, even though the savings and retirement programs of many have taken serious hits.  Truth is, a lot is going to irresponsible people who live beyond their means and don’t pay their bills.  More is going to parasites in big business and on Wall Street who had a lot to do with causing this mess.

Us folks in the middle who have to pay for all this are the suckers in the game. 


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3 Responses to “Bailouts and Suckers”

  1. doris |

    I own a car, I work to pay for it, I have to have a car to go to work??? We are all suckers, or what is the meaning of life? We seem to be much bigger suckers lately, though, where will it all end????????? Will the gov. be broke, like the rest of us?

  2. rjjrdq |

    Flying right and playing by the rules. So how did that work out? How can you expect to survive just being a hard working Joe or Jane?

  3. Robert |

    No Doris, The government will be fine it is us they will break. The are going to have to find a way to pay for this spending. Since the government only has once source of income, taxpayers, it will be us that is broke. But hey, in the meantime enjoy the extra $13 dollars a week, its only costing $25,000 per person. Keep the faith and keep in working.

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