My Day Wednesday

March 26th, 2009

On Wednesday, my friend Jamie came home with me after school. When we got home, we played the “Twilight” board game.

Then, while we were eating my grandma yelled for us to come. We went and saw two kittens! Our cat (Jenny) had kittens! We didn’t even know she was pregnant!

The kittens still have their eyes closed, and their cords are still on. They are about a day old and about two inches long. One of them is a calico (like her mom) and the other is black and white (like her dad). The dad’s name is Tom. We did have him, but he got really hurt so the vet took him. It was Jenny’s first litter. We took the cats inside and she started nursing them. It was so cute!

Then Jamie and I went to church. As we were leaving we heard people talking about a tornado watch. My mom picked us up after church, and it was raining very hard. We dropped Jamie off at her house, and on the way back we were going about 20 mph. We could barely see! I was so scared! I started praying real hard and the rain died down. We could do about 40 mph. We finally got home safe! I was so happy!

Today (Thursday) I came home from school, and my mom said she couldn’t find the kittens. When we got home Jenny kept on trying to get in the house. We finally just let her come in. I followed her quietly to see where she would go. She went in my mom’s bathroom and I followed. She went behind the bathroom drawers and lay down. Then I saw the kittens nursing! I was so happy to find them!

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13 Responses to “My Day Wednesday”

  1. Andrea |

    That is a very nice story! I adore cats!

  2. Tom |

    Nicely done, Amber! I read your article to Cat, and he was very happy. He liked the photo, too.

    It’s interesting how cats have a way of hiding their kittens so you’re never quite sure where they are!

  3. Kevin |

    Awww… how cute. I’m an animal lover who comes from a long line of animal lovers. But cats are my favorite animal of all and kittens have got to be the most delightful creatures God put on this Earth. I have two cats. One was a kitten my oldest daughter brought home who has grown into a big, bad tomcat who seems as fond of demanding affection from me as he is of fighting with the neighborhood tomcats. The other is a 14 year old who was born in one of my closets in circumstances not unlike these two kittens you now have.

  4. Jan |

    Very nice photo of Momma Cat and her kittens. Reminds of when I was young, a long time ago, I woke up one morning and felt warm furry things around my toes. Our cat had crawled under the blanket and had her kittens there while I was asleep! These days I have a black and white cat who likes to wake me up by sticking her whiskers in my face.

  5. Brian |

    Amber, next time my goats have babies, you need to talk your grandmother into coming over to the house and watching them. One of my sows should be having piglets very soon, too. There’s little in this world that’s cuter than a baby goat or pig. In fact, King Solomon makes numerous comparisons in his poetry between the woman he loves and to how light-hearted he feels when watching kid goats play. Even crusty old buzzards like I am have to laugh and giggle a little when watching them jump around. I e-mailed her some pictures of the last 5 or 6 we had. Let me know if she has deleted them and I’ll send them again.

  6. doris |

    AWWWW, I love baby kitties, but, please spay your cat before the next accident. They are adorable and precious, but not so as grown cats you can’t give away. A female cat can have 18 kittens a year, and Texas puts down thousands of unwanted cats a year. Tell Mom, spay your cats, soon. You didn’t tell the part where you thought the tomcat was a girl?????? lol. Love ya!

  7. Amber |

    Oh yea, I forgot to say that. First we thought our tomcat was a girl but then my Aunt came over and said it was a boy. Also, he’s the father of the kittens. Today, my Aunt came over and said our 2 kittens are boys! Oh…well… they are still very cute!

  8. Tom |

    Amber, you said one of the kittens is a calico. Aren’t all calicos female? Seems I heard that somewhere….

  9. Amber |

    yea all cats are famale. We found out that it wasnt a calico. It was a Brindle.

  10. Amber |

    i meant all calicos are females…

  11. Kevin |

    I’ve mistaken the gender of calicos too. My 14 year old female is calico and I’d thought she was a he. Which is how “Butch” came to be “Butchy”…

    Anyway, the vet who informed me of my mistake said that there is such a thing as a male calico but that they are exceedingly rare.

    And I came by that info because Butchy has officially burned through 2 of her alloted 9 lives and has the scars to prove it… thus the expensive vet visit after a close encounter with my pick-up’s radiator fan blades.

  12. Tom |

    The radiator fan blades? Ouch! She must have been snoozing on the warm engine….

  13. Kevin |

    Yep, that’s exactly what it was. And I ran a short errand too. It wasn’t until I thought I heard a strange but unfamiliar sound coming from the general vicinity of the engine compartment that I thought to pop the hood when I got back home to check it out. Poor cat had taken several really nasty gashes to the head and was running sideways

    That was life #1. #2 came via either a dog or a racoon, the vet wasn’t sure which, but she was nearly gutted by whatever it was. Probably a ‘coon as I suspect a dog wouldn’t have stopped until the job was finished whereas a coon probably just wanted her out of the way of whatever potential tasty morsal it smelled.

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