Your Tax Dollars at Work

May 30th, 2009

A Tennessee man, Desmond Hatchett, 29, has 20 or 21 children.  He’s not sure of the exact number.  That’s with 11 or more different women.  He’s not sure.  Apparently, some of them were dumb enough to keep coming back for more.  Kids, that is.  His youngest is a newborn; the oldest is 11.

Hatchett can’t do better than a minimum wage job, and he can’t pay child support to all those mothers.  So, the state of Tennessee has him in and out of court, in and out of jail.  They can garnish only 50 percent of his pay, so some of the mothers of his children receive as little as $1.98 per month.

State and federal taxpayers have to foot the bill, not only to raise his kids but to drag him into court and support him in jail.  Desmond says he’s done having kids.  Since the law can’t force him to stop, we’ll just have to take his word for it.

And Desmond is the gift that keeps on giving.  A disproportionate number of his kids will likely spend time in prison and add their own progeny to the welfare rolls.

Everyone in favor of mandatory court-ordered vasectomy, raise your hands.

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8 Responses to “Your Tax Dollars at Work”

  1. new illuminati |

    Survival of the fittest, obviously.

  2. Larry |

    I appreciate your pointing this superhuman daddy out but as you know his is an accomplishment that we in our part of society cannot discuss. To do so would clearly be labeled as denying him his Rights.

  3. Harvey |

    Interesting this guy is from Tennessee — in some parts of that state, someone’s father or older brother would have put a shotgun to his nether regions long ago making it impossible for him continue his Lothario-like ways. I would prefer that over the court-ordered version.

    Another thought is that some serious changes need to be made to the runaway welfare system in this country. Too many people get paid for being irresponsible; those women should not get a dime in child support from the state — and if they can’t afford to keep their kids there are probably lots of people who would want them who cant have their own. If I’m wrong about that, I would rather see all the money being paid to the tramps who produce these kids go to state run orphanages.

    This is another area where personal responsibility has been lost in the morass created by people who only want a bigger nanny state.

  4. Elizabeth |

    I’m for the mandatory vasectomy

    Both are irresponsible, what every happened to using protection, enough free clinics pass them out no questions asked. There was somebody in my neighborhood like that, with tons of kids. The area were I live is somewhat small, considered a city, but small enough to know most people.

    What are the chances that these kids will go to school together, meet not know they are related, and fall in love. It’s not unheard of, and pretty common in 1/2 siblings because of the closeness they share in identifying with one another. Gross, but true.

  5. Lisa |

    But it is this incredible life experience which will allow them to hold public office one day.

  6. Harvey |



  7. Tom |

    Lisa, your cynicism is showing! As usual, though, I have to agree with you.

  8. doris |

    Mandatory vasectomies sound good, but what about his right to procreate? Women are the culprits, putting up with these free willies and not insisting on protection, mandatory tubes tied, anyone? Men will never do the right thing, it’s up to us women to stop the cycle.

    Come on, Harvey, no one wants these babies, not even their welfare parents, who only want a paycheck. That is why abortion was invented, to give stupid people an out when they don’t want the baby their irresponsibility has created. Think of the children, knowing no one wants them, or cares.

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