The Waning of Obama

June 24th, 2009

On the way home from work tonight, I heard two lady callers to the Dennis Miller show express similar sentiments: North Korea, Iran, and Al Qaeda are all potential threats to the United States, but our biggest threat is President Obama because he is in a position to do catastrophic damage to the United States. The Dennis Miller show is, of course, not a bastion of liberal thought, but until very recently, Dennis Miller said tonight, he made a huge effort to give Obama the benefit of the doubt. However,¬†recent events are starting to change his perceptions. That’s apparently true for the majority of Americans.

Some factoids from a recent Rasmussen poll reveal that:

— Most voters (54%, down from 62% less than a month ago) blame Bush’s economic mismanagement for the current crisis, but more and more of them are starting to shift the blame to the Obama administration (39%, up from 27% a month ago).

— In early February, 39% of voters trusted the president’s economic judgement more than their own; now that percentage is down to 30%).

— Earlier this month, when Obama announced his intention to speed up the stimulus spending, Rasmussen polls showed that 45% of voters thought the rest of the stimulus spending should be cancelled.

— 51% of voters want to see an across-the-board tax decrease for all Americans.

Oh, Yeah! The honeymoon is definitely over. Perhaps, just perhaps, the majority of Americans are starting to wise up to the fact that Obama is chasing some personal dream of some imagined Utopia and practicing the worst kind of mule-headed partisan politics to push us over the brink, rather than using his brilliance, his charisma, and his popularity (while he still has it) to bring this country back from that brink.

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3 Responses to “The Waning of Obama”

  1. Larry |

    I’ve long held that Obama was lacking in experience and ability. I was accused of racism and ignorance for not having the savvy to see what greatness this man might be capable of. Some believed that when he started badly he’d still come around given enough time? Some told the rest of us he was a bright and articulate young man? A man of change?
    Obama is nothing more than a “Chicago machine” politician put in office by a well organized left wing liberal machine that bought the office of President. The results of this man being President are becoming very self-evident. Can this Nation survive four years of this?

  2. Tom |

    Well, I’m a long way from giving up on Obama. Of course his poll numbers have gone down after his first six months in office. Nothing unexpected about that, especially when you consider the problems he’s trying to deal with, most of which he inherited.

    It’s a fact of American politics these days that those who support Obama will be with him to the bitter end, if there is one. Those who oppose him will see disaster in everything he does that falls short of what they define as perfection. The same thing happened to George Bush — wasn’t fair then, isn’t fair now.

    Obama probably has over seven more years in office. It’s going to be a long, long time before anyone can reasonably judge him as a good or bad president.

  3. Harvey |

    Larry, Absolutely agree!

    Tom, He inherited a mess — granted but a president whose head was here in the real world and had studied anything about basic economics would understand that the way to fix the mess was not to take the country on a spending spree! No Tom, he’s, as I said in my post, “chasing some personal dream of some imagined Utopia” and he’s dragging us down his yellow brick road with him. He inherited a mess and is turning it into a catastrophe.

    I’m not worried about me! I’ll survive whatever comes my way until my body gives out. I’m worried about our country, patriotic SOB that I am, I can’t stand to see it turned into whatever lies at the end of Obama’s “road”.

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