Global Warming McCarthyism

July 16th, 2009

From Al Gore and Friends Create Climate of McCarthyism by Bjorn Lomborg:

Discussions about global warming are marked by an increasing desire to stamp out “impure” thinking, to the point of questioning the value of democratic debate. But shutting down discussion simply means the disappearance of reason from public policy.

In March, Al Gore’s science adviser and prominent climate researcher Jim Hansen proclaimed that when it comes to dealing with global warming, the “democratic process isn’t working”. …

The Nobel laureate in economics Paul Krugman goes further. After the narrow passage of the Waxman-Markey climate change bill in the US House of Representatives, Krugman said that there was no justification for a vote against it. He called virtually all of the members who voted against it “climate deniers” who were committing “treason against the planet”. …

Today’s focus on ineffective and costly climate policies shows poor judgment. But I would never want to shut down discussion about these issues, whether it is with Gore, Hansen, or Krugman.

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4 Responses to “Global Warming McCarthyism”

  1. Edisto Joe |

    To Paul Krugman:

    Paul sometimes treason is justified. I recall an incident many years back where a group of “Royal Subjects” comitted treason against the “Crown” and a new nation was born where one could agree to disagree with anothers opinion. By the way, those guys at Valley Forge could have used a little Global Warming!

    As always, looking for ways to increase my carbon footprint,

    Edisto Joe

  2. Tom |

    Krugman’s use of the word “treason” is nonsense. No definition of the word justifies that use. People overwhelmed by their own ideology also misuse “denier” in the same way, apparently trying to imply that questioning global warming orthodoxy is equivalent to denying that the Holocaust happened.

    As I’ve said before, I’m neither a true believer nor a “denier,” to use the term employed by the faithful. I’ve read as much as I can on both sides of the question, and I don’t think anyone knows enough to justify the kind of sweeping, potentially very harmful legislation we see now. I agree that there’s plenty of room for debate, and we ought to all be free enough to have that debate.

    Speaking of treason in the form of revolution, remember that it all depends on who wins. Winners are heroic revolutionaries or perhaps freedom fighters; losers are scumbags who get their necks stretched.

  3. Brian Bagent |

    Tom, you need to watch a series of videos at youtube, starting with this one. Global warming, as I have said, is a hoax. If you want to see who is perpetrating this hoax, then, as I’ve also said, follow the money.

  4. new illuminati |

    Aye, Tom, history was written by the winners before the internet, and we still don’t know how long our present intellectual freedoms will last. The debate is far from over on the global warming front – but many see it as a good excuse for humankind to clean up our act before we turn the planet to a toxic waste dump. Recent history has shown that individual nations – including the US – will not act to clean up their mess or restrain their profligacy and greed of their own free will.
    ‘Global warming’ may be the best excuse/lie/motive for cleaning up our act, if we won’t do it of our own free will.
    Just a thought – hopefully an uncensored one.
    By the way, I guess you’ve seen the Obama Deception?

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