Obama and Sarkozy Leching

July 10th, 2009

This photo has already been published everywhere.  But I just couldn’t resist!

President Obama and other heads of state, including President Sarkozy of France, were at the G8 summit in Italy.  There’s also a group called the Junior G8 involving kids from a variety of countries.  This picture was taken at a photo session with the kids.  Barry and Sarko got caught taking in the scenery.  The kids, by the way, are 14 to 17 years old.  I wonder what Michelle and Carla had to say?

UPDATE:  According to a press report, the subject of the presidents’ attention is Mayara Tavares, a 16-year-old Junior G8 delegate from Brazil.  There’s about a 99.99 percent chance this is the most famous photograph she’ll ever appear in.  Too bad her face isn’t visible — but then, that’s not what attracted the attention of world leaders.  I can see it now — it’s 40 years later, and she’s showing the photo to her grandkids: “No, really, that’s me!”

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12 Responses to “Obama and Sarkozy Leching”

  1. Lisa |

    I think President Sarkozy’s amusement was in observing President Obama appearing unprofessional in front of the cameras.

  2. Mike B |

    Have you watched the video? It is obvious in the video that the only thing he is watching is his step. Unfortunately, this thing has been posted all over the place and all kinds of crude comments and assumptions along with it. And no one has took the time to watch the video.

  3. Tom |

    Mike, I’ve watched the video, more than once. What you claim is “obvious” is anything but. Looks to me like Obama and Sarkozy are doing exactly what they appear to be doing in the photo. It was a brief moment and a quick look. And it’s no big deal, compared to all the other shenanigans politicians are involved in these days. You should work on developing a sense of humor.

  4. Harvey |

    I wonder how much Hell Michelle has given him over this!

  5. Laurie |

    If the picture you posted did reflect your claim (which as already pointed out by others, it doesn’t), I’d just sigh and move on. But posting a photo that you know is deceptive is typical of your blog. Facts don’t seem to mean a lot on this site — a selectively chosen “factoid” twisted into a tool to support your predetermined views. It’s a shame, because it would be good reading otherwise.

  6. Tom |

    Ah, Laurie. Where to start?

    First, the photo is not deceptive. Watch the video a few times. The most I’ll give you is that it may be ambiguous, but I personally think it supports what you see in the photo.

    Second, facts are very important on this site. Thing is, you seem to be confused about the difference between fact and opinion. We may disagree about what’s going on in the photo, but there’s nothing, including the video, that goes beyond simple disagreement.

    Third, you have no idea what my “predetermined views” may be, assuming I have any. I’ll make a wild guess at your political orientation and suggest that you read more of what I’ve written, especially on major issues. You’ll probably find that you agree with me more often than not, especially where President Obama is concerned.

    Last, I’ll make the same suggestion to you that I made to Mike — get a sense of humor. It will make your journey through life much more pleasant.

  7. Larry |

    Undying love and devotion for Obama does not a good blog make. As a matter of fact, my opinions of Obama are such that the powers that be won’t as a rule publish them. It’s not changed anything, I still don’t care for him.

  8. Mike B |

    Well we’ll have to agree to disagree because the video obviously shows him watching his step, but you are right in regards to it’s relevance. Unfortunately, the over the top comments about this photo are ridiculous.

  9. Tom |

    Mike, I trust that you’re not referring to my comments about the photo! 🙂

  10. Mike B |

    No I don’t find your comments over the top. Although I don’t think the Pres was taking a peep but I don’t remember them being built like that when I was 17.

  11. wine blog |

    I love the guy even more now! I know he respects a nice ass and that’s very important!

  12. dedede |

    You know, he is still a man and not dead. Who cares, except maybe Michelle. I do doubt that she cares, shows he is vital and thinking with his … as all men do.

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