Ashley’s Birthday Party

August 17th, 2009

My sister, Ashley, turned eight on August 16th. Since her birthday was on Sunday, we had her party the day before.

The night before her party she had two of her friends spend the night. We all watched movies and had a big sleepover in the living room.

The morning of her party we had what we always have on birthdays, chocolate chip pancakes! Yum! Then, people started to arrive. A lot of her friends from church came. Our Aunt Doris also came with our cousins, Erin and Kyla.

Then Ashley opened her presents. She got four Hannah Montana dolls, a Hannah Montana shack, a toy cash register, a doodle pad, a bracelet, some clothes, two gift cards to Wall-mart, and $28.

After that, we drove to Incredible Pizza. Incredible Pizza has a buffet, so we went to that first. Ohmygosh, their cinnamon rolls are so amazing!

Then my mom got us all cards so we could play the games. We went to the bumper cars first. It was fun running into everybody! Then, we raced cars! I came in third! Ashley and my mom came in first!

After that, we ate some birthday cake. Her birthday cake was chocolate on the inside with blue and purple tie-dye icing on the top. It had purple ruffles on the sides. It was so yummy!

After a long day of playing games, we went home. Then we played at our house until all of her friends got picked up.

Ashley had a great party and she loves being eight!

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3 Responses to “Ashley’s Birthday Party”

  1. Tom |

    Thanks, Amber! It’s nice to get a glimpse of normal life now and then.

    Tell Ashley I said “Happy Birthday!”

  2. doris |

    Tom, you would have loved it, gaggles of squealing little girlies! What fun and man was I worn out by Kyla. She never wants to eat, just play, play, play. I’d really rather eat at that place. Donny and Kyla came in second….. Very cute. Nice story, Amber, and true. I never even saw the cinnamon rolls, for the best.

  3. Harvey |

    What a coincidence! A friend I work with has a daughter who also turned 8 on the 16th. When I saw him that morning he told me of the party plans and mentioned that most of the gifts were Hanna Montana branded things.

    Happy birthday to Ashley from all of us in your Opinion Forum “family.”


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