Hillary’s Cross to Bear

August 13th, 2009

Michael Falcone notes in Poll: Higher marks for Bill Clinton at Politico.com that according to a recent Rasmussen poll, Bill Clinton has a 58 percent public approval rating, while Hillary Clinton has a 53 percent positive rating.

A lot has been written and there’s been lots of comment on the juxtaposition of Bill’s trip to North Korea, where he sucked up to that little wackadoo dictator to free two so-called journalists, while Hillary was over in Africa being Secretary of State.  Seems Bill got the most press coverage, and that, along with her apparent lack of clout in the Administration, seems to be wearing on Hillary.

(Continue reading to see the video of Hillary’s meltdown in Congo.)

I guess I don’t blame her.  After all, she’s been dragging Bill along with her all these years, while she turned a $1,000 investment in cattle futures into $100,000 in less than a year, reformed health care (not), hid then found her law firm records, cashiered the folks in the travel office, served as a senator (kind of), lost a presidential primary, and then got appointed Secretary of State only to be largely ignored by the President and his White House.  Bill should at least show her some thanks for marrying him and getting him into the White House.

Oh, wait….  Maybe I’ve got it backwards.  I guess if Hillary hadn’t married Bill, she would be a practicing shyster in a big firm in Chicago, or something like that, instead of being…well, you know.

Frankly, I’m tired of both of them.  I wish they’d just go away, and on their way out take the Bush and Kennedy dynasties with them.

In case you haven’t seen the now-famous video of Hillary losing her cool over a mis-translated question in Congo about what her husband thinks, here it is, along with Brian Williams of NBC/Obama News trying and failing to make her look better:

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8 Responses to “Hillary’s Cross to Bear”

  1. Brian Bagent |

    Somebody has a chip on her shoulder.

  2. Tom |

    And, from the looks of things — too many hamburgers on her plate.

  3. Lisa |

    Weenies is more like it!

  4. doris |

    Hey, you never would comment that a man had too many hamburgers. Would she really look better skinny? Poor Hillary was always in Bill’s shadow, but just a few short years ago they said Bill was just her puppet and was totally henpecked. Which is it? You guys just can’t stand a powerful older woman, feel threatened? If she was built perfectly, you’d tear apart her wardrobe, purse choice, lipstick or lack thereof, and etc…. We all need to freak out sometimes.

  5. Tom |

    Wrong. I commented often on Bill’s chubbiness and his love of fast food, particularly hamburgers. I thought it was especially funny that he would go for a run, then stop by McDonald’s on the way back for a hamburger or two.

    Who is this “you guys” you’re talking about, anyway?

  6. Brian Bagent |

    The only thing that would make her look better is a burka. And if she were perfectly built, I can promise that we would not notice her clothes or make-up. And no, we do not all need to “freak out” sometimes. She is the secretary of state for God’s sake, THE representative of this administration to foreign governments around the world.

    The appropriate response would have been “Excuse me, but I believe I misunderstood the question. Could you repeat or rephrase it, please?” No, she automatically assumed that this was a reference to Bill, a man she quite obviously resents. True professionals, which she obviously isn’t, only show their arse behind closed doors, not on camera and in front of foreign heads of state and journalists.

    This administration appears to be the most amateur, clownish bunch we’ve ever had. They are clever, yet unsophisticated and most certainly not very worldly.

  7. doris |

    Certainly not you, Tom, I don’t think you are threatened by women at all. Bill loved the french fries at McDonalds, for sure. You are right, Brian, about being professional, I stand corrected. But, no matter how she is built, they will always put down powerful women with their looks, as if that were even remotely important. Seems to somehow make them feel we were put in our place.

  8. Brian |

    Frankly, all I’ve ever heard about Hillary’s looks is that she is not very attractive. She definitely doesn’t conform to da Vinci’s divine ratio, but the same could be said of a great many people. Contrast that with what the left frequently says about Ann Coulter. So much for tolerance. So much for powerful, intelligent women. I guess it only counts if a “powerful, intelligent” woman holds to leftist ideology.

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