The People’s Voice

August 14th, 2009

The question of what is proper etiquette when attending “town hall” meetings has become one of our most vexing questions. Evidently other, more demanding matters are laid aside until we can get everyone’s “comfort zone” tuned in.

During my childhood years in rural Alabama I attended many Grange meetings, which were basically the town hall meetings of their day. Everyone got to have his say, no matter how passionate or totally uninteresting it might be. Some pretty good debates developed during theses meetings. People got things off their chest and left feeling better and more informed on issues of the day. Today’s town hall meetings are full-blown media events and almost always political in content.

That Obama is a media darling isn’t news to anyone. He is constantly on television and uses the town halls to great advantage. So much so that the Democrats thought the meetings would be a perfect venue for selling the much-heralded health care reform plan. My guess is that someone failed to explain to everyone that Obama always faces crowds that are picked to be overwhelmingly in his favor. That way, Robert Gibbs can say that the crowds were on the President’s side.

Others, such as Senator Arlen Specter, weren’t so lucky. Of course, old Arlen had two crosses to bear — health care reform plus his recent switch from Republican to Democrat. Both seemed to be less than popular with those attending his meetings.

The turn-out and negative responses at these meetings have shocked the Obama regime. The obvious resistance is hard for them to fathom. The voters are within their rights to demand more information and time. Washington had better recognize that what they’re seeing is only the tip of the iceberg. The people will not tolerate disrespect from their elected representatives.

Trying to label opposing views as un-American won’t get it. The desire for health care reform has been around a long time. The cost and how to pay for it has always been the snag. It will undoubtedly impact Social Security, which will create even more problems.

Although the Administration denies Social Security will suffer, there’s much to point to the opposite. Funds from Social Security will most likely be used to implement the plan at it’s inception. Contrary to government claims, constant tax funds will be needed to support health care — maybe a permanent increase in FICA.

The need for true disclosure has to prevail. The notion that the electorate will allow anything to be slipped through is ridiculous. The people are speaking up. A young lady warned Arlen Specter that he was witnessing the awakening of a sleeping giant. I tend to agree.

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2 Responses to “The People’s Voice”

  1. Brian Bagent |

    Here’s hoping that you’re correct.

  2. Tom |

    This health care reform business is just another of Obama’s chickens coming home to roost. Broken campaign promises, ill-conceived policies, confusion in his party, and on and on. He spent his adult life among arrogant elitists and machine politicians, and he doesn’t have a clue about the real world and real people. Any wonder that (according to Rasmussen) his approval rating is now at 48 percent?

    I started out being pretty optimistic about Obama. Despite his lack of substantive qualifications, I though he was a smart guy with good instincts. I’m having a lot of doubt these days.

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