American Values and Rights

September 26th, 2009

G20PittsburghWhile the world’s leaders met in Pittsburgh to do little if anything to improve our lives, there were all sorts of things going on outside.

A YouTube video is showing demonstrators at the G-20 being arrested by National Guard troops. I wonder on whose authority? The Governor can activate the Guard, but can he use the Guard to stop citizens from protesting? Are we seeing the first activation of Obama’s new national security force? A trial run to infringe on our rights? The old no-permit dodge isn’t going to work here.

Another YouTube video is showing young children singing praise to the President. As they sing they are prompted to raise their right arms in a Hitler-style salute very much like the Hitler youth of the 1930s. Your child can’t mention God in school or pledge allegiance to his or her national flag, but he or she is expected to love and idolize this President as if he were a god. Don’t be a fool. If you haven’t visited your child’s school lately, maybe you should. Might not hurt to see what the NEA is up to.

ACORN continues to grow in spite of Obama’s efforts to play down its current scandal as nothing. At present the organization has lost its federal funding, but don’t count on it remaining that way. The Democrats tied some legitimate education funding to the same bill, so if it reaches the President he can veto it and claim his intent was to save the non-ACORN funds. This man will lie to you. Just listen to some of his pre-election lies versus what he is telling you now.

If this President scares you, you’re not alone. Help to strike back for the sake of our country. Start now to stand up against this crucifixion of American values and our rights. Obama used the internet to generate a lot of his support. Now there is a concentrated effort by the Democrats to make it possible for Obama to seize the internet, preventing those who oppose him from using it. Our time may be short because the President and his followers know very well what a tool or weapon the web can be. Start now to question and de-bunk the Washington bottom feeders and insiders.

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2 Responses to “American Values and Rights”

  1. Tom |

    There’s nothing wrong or unusual for a state to use the National Guard to assist law enforcement in cases of civil unrest, protests, demonstrations, natural disasters, etc. The active military is prevented from engaging directly in law enforcement activities by the Posse Comitatus Act, but it doesn’t apply to the National Guard operating under state control.

    What exactly are you referring to when you say “the first activation of Obama’s new national security force?” What does that mean? Does it involve black helicopters?

    On ACORN, the President does have past ties with the organization, to include representing ACORN in a lawsuit about 15 years ago. As for the present scandal, Obama hasn’t tried to play it down as “nothing.” He doesn’t think it’s the most important issue we’re dealing with, but he said in regard to what was seen in the videos that it “was certainly inappropriate and deserves to be investigated.”

    There is absolutely no plot among Democrats to empower the President “to seize the internet, preventing those who oppose him from using it.” A bill in the works for a long time would give the President the authority to take action in the case of cyber attacks and cybersecurity emergencies. It’s a necessary security measure and should have been put in place a decade ago. There are lots of places to find the facts about this issue, including Cybersecurity and Defense on this website.

    I agree that the kiddies singing Obama’s praises was way over the line. But there are some facts we should keep in mind: Obama had nothing to do with it, and neither did the Secretary of Education or any other person associated with or representing the President. Even the NEA wasn’t responsible — something that extreme is beyond even them. It was apparently a one-off example of stupidity on the part of one teacher and one school.

  2. larry |

    I’m aware of the Posse Comitatus Act and its effect on the regular military.I also acknowledged the right of the state governor to activate the state national guard. My question like that of many others is whether the threat was great enough for governor Rendale to feel the guard would be needed. Would this governor and ex-DNC chairman have acted the same if these demonstators would have been ACORN or the AFL-CIO?
    The “Black Helicopter” shot dodges the fact that Obama expressed the desire to crate and fund a “National Security Force” equal in size and equipment to our military. As an aside you might want to tune to the Military channel and watch an hour long documentary on the training, by our military, of police department SWAT Team snipers. Handy tactic’s like sniping from an airborne chopper. The scenario is a running terrorist out in the open. Of course if the running man has an AK-47 it changes the entire dynamic of the situation.
    ACORN is important due to the amount of money that it receives from our government and the amount of corruption that money supports. Obama has been tied to ACORN many times during his political career. Deny it as he may,far too many facts point to his involvement with the group and its radical founders.
    Say what you may about any threat to our inter-net freedom. The idea that the President could exercise complete control is dangerous and is yet another reason to not trust the present administration.

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