Joe Wilson: Gutless

September 12th, 2009

The Washington Post today ran a story today titled: “Democrats Want Wilson To Apologize in House.” If he doesn’t appear on the podium of the house, the Democratic leadership says he will be “formally admonished.”

I’m not sure what’s involved in being formally admonished — it sounds very dramatic and possibly politically fatal, but whatever … it’s no surprise that the Democratic leadership wants to make the most of the issue — politics as usual.

What’s bothersome to me is that, in the end, Gutless Joe Wilson apologized.

Why apologize for telling the truth? Joe Wilson knew the truth — that’s what pushed him to the point of standing up and shouting “you lie” when Obama promised that no one in the country illegally would benefit from the health care legislation. It was Joe Wilson, along with another congressman, who wrote amendments to the proposed legislation calling for verification of citizenship status for anyone who is covered under the health care legislation. The amendments that were summarily rejected by the Democrats. Yet Joe Wilson apologized!

From CBS News: Lawmakers Condemn Outburst at Obama: Just moments after the President’s speech he was accosted by and threatened not by Democratic power brokers but by the Republican leadership. Rather than accept whatever “punishment” they were threatening to dish up, Wilson apologized almost immediately.

This is exactly what’s wrong with the Republican Party today and, in a sense, it symbolizes what’s wrong with America today. It takes guts to stand toe-to-toe with the opposition and verbally slug it out; Joe Wilson did not have the courage of his convictions and did not tell them that he would see them all in hell before he apologized. A man acting on his convictions doesn’t have to apologize, especially to the man who is leading the pack of people who are raping this country’s traditions, destroying this country’s economy, and vandalizing this country’s Constitution.

The very next day on every radio and TV show Joe Wilson did tell what he knew — what drove him to call Obama a liar. He told about the Democrat’s refusal to add verification of citizenship to the legislation, making it obvious to him that the Democrats are willing to provide health care for every moving body, legal or illegal.

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s being said in conservative circles that right now there is an amnesty bill being prepared that would grant immediate citizenship to millions of illegals. Here’s a quote from a press release by ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC):

The evidence this is a lie (Obama’s lie) is found in countless major news reports indicating that President Obama and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) intend to try and pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty legislation soon, that would legalize millions of illegal immigrants and qualify them for all taxpayer benefits and jobs in America.

If this new focus on illegal immigrants (thanks to Joe Wilson’s outburst) helps plug all the holes in the health care legislation, the Dems can certainly go to Plan B: amnesty legislation. Why would they want amnesty legislation? Simply because the poorest Americans tend to vote Democratic, and they know that the Democratic Party (especially under Obama) is the party of taxing the rich and leveling the playing field.

What’s happening to America is a damn shame, but the worst part is that there are so many of our elected officials who care more about getting re-elected than they do about saving the United States from Obama’s tyranny.

(This article was also posted at My View from the Center.)

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25 Responses to “Joe Wilson: Gutless”

  1. larry |

    I love it.
    Sock it to em!!!

  2. Lisa |

    It is interesting that in that decorum it is okay for those in attendance who agree with the president to stand and create loud thunderous applause, yet those who disagree must remain meekly quiet. What kind of democracy is that? It reminded me of a court room where the judge asks the court recorder to delete from record something said in the court which is objectionable; however the jury will still remember what was said. On another topic while I have the podium: I find it interesting how most of the media with exception of FOX News and a few others are reporting on “the Tea Party Express” referring to the protesters as right wing conservatives. These people have been canvassed repeatedly and they represent republicans, democrats and independents alike and come from a broad spectrum of society: whites, blacks, young, old, blue collar, white collar, etc. And their complaints go far beyond healthcare. So, Joe Wilson may have been a sole dissenting voice the other evening but his comrades in arms took to the streets in DC yesterday in huge numbers, not yet calculated but somewhere between 60 – 100K in strength.

  3. Tom |

    Joe Wilson is a classless clod. There are long-standing traditions in Congress, particularly in how the members behave when the President addresses joint sessions. The opposition party routinely groans a bit, rolls their eyes, sits on their hands while others applaud, etc. But to yell at the President during his speech, not to mention calling him a liar, is way beyond acceptable behavior.

    Members of Congress are free to go on TV and call the President a liar if they wish, assuming their vocabularies aren’t large enough to say it in other words. They can also stand in the House or Senate chamber and use terms like that, as Ted Kennedy did when he said Bush was a “liar, liar, liar.” Low-class, but not beyond the pale. But interrupt his speech to a joint session to call him a liar? No.

    And by the way, I wouldn’t care which president was speaking or which low-class redneck interrupted him.

  4. larry |

    What pray tell is the difference between a low class versus high class redneck??????????????

  5. doris |

    Low class redneck goes to family reunions to find dates..high class rednecks fraw the line at sisters.Calling any president a liar is not appropriate on T,.V.,but they usually are liars and I believe it took alot of courage to call him one,so openly,it took no cahunnies to apologize,I almost admired him,He lost this redneck on the apology.I assume it made his life easier to do so,maybe lost his nerve without an audience of agreers beside him.I am a democrat,but if he’s a liar,he’s a liar.This I don’t know,but as a friend of mine would say,if he’s a politician or a lawyer,and his mouth is moving,he’s lying.

  6. Tom |

    Larry, I would answer your question by quoting that famous philosopher, Forrest Gump: “Stupid is as stupid does.” Wilson’s behavior makes him a low-class (fill in the blank). All things considered, “redneck” seemed the right word.

  7. Tom |

    This from a report in The Hill, part of a discussion that Obama may be angling toward using a parliamentary device known as “reconciliation” to get a health care bill through the Senate with only 50 votes required instead of 60:

    Rep. Joe Wilson’s (R-S.C.) outburst on Wednesday was an unexpected gift to the White House, accentuating Obama’s point that bitter politics is getting in the way of improving the healthcare of Americans.

    So, not only did Wilson’s crude outburst anger Democrats and Republicans, it helps Obama make his argument. Poetic justice, some would say.

  8. Brian |

    The fact is, though, that the President stood there and lied. I guess we should at least be glad he didn’t give us “I am not a crook” or that he didn’t wag his finger at us. Yeah, this was definitely a better way to tell a lie.

  9. Brian |

    Tom, what would you have done to a platoon or company commander that told you something so demonstrably untrue?

  10. Tom |

    Brian, that’s a not a comparable situation at all. In any case, I would hope I wouldn’t behave like a classless clod, violating every sense of protocol and propriety I ever learned. That’s what Wilson did — it isn’t an issue of whether Obama was intentionally lying or not.

  11. Brian |

    I suppose a better analogy would have been your division commander. Having a chat with him in his office would certainly be a better approach but ultimately no more effective than had Ted Kennedy reproached Nixon in the privacy of the Oval Office during Watergate.

    What is the proper forum for calling out the president on a lie? Either Obama has read the proposed legislation and knew that he was lying, or he hadn’t read the proposed legislation and was making a W.A.G. Either way, it was, and is, his responsibility to know. Not his handlers, not his advisors, not Michelle, not his C.o.S., not the S.o.S…his own burden, and he prevaricated in the Well and in front of cameras.

  12. doris |


  13. Tom |

    According to

    The president is correct: The House bill contains a section (Sec. 246) titled “NO FEDERAL PAYMENT FOR UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS,” which states: “Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.”

    The conservative objection is that the bill does not contain “specific enforcement measures” and that amendments to that end were rejected. You can read the rest of the Factcheck explanation.

    A lie is a conscious, purposeful misrepresentation of the truth. Obama didn’t lie, as Wilson charged, any more than Bush lied about WMD. When you believe what you’re saying, you’re not lying, even if it turns out later that you were wrong.

    However, the issue remains Wilson’s behavior, not Obama’s statements.

  14. doris |

    Great to know,but does that mean they get indigent care and legals get turned away without insurance?

  15. Mike Buffington |

    You guys saying the President lied please read Tom’s comment. Come on guys this argument is as ridiculous as the “Death panel” argument.

    It amazes me that the conservatives who once dominated and controlled the Republican party are letting their party be taken away by bigots and hatemongers.

  16. Brian Bagent |

    We’re paying for them now. Do you honestly believe that this circumstance will change with new legislation? More to the point, do you think the President believes that this will change?

  17. doris |

    Thats true about the republican party,I believe they are or seem to be reverting back to bigotry and not real issues.I think alot of these people hate him because he is a strong and intelligent man,and also a black man.Not our guys,on this forum,but alot of republicans who seem to have no real issue,just alot of crud to dredge up……might be wrong. We are paying for them now,but my question is ,will legal citizens still get indigent care or just be turned away and penalized,taxwise,for not buying insurance?

  18. Aaron |

    I cannot believe that people of this country can be so ignorant. The plain fact racism is still around. Period. I pity people that are still showing hate because of the color of a persons skin. Bigotry is still being held passionately by some. And I do not know which is worse: people who are in denial or people who are not in denial about their prejudice ways. 179 votes against a formal rebuke? Only 7 Republican votes for the formal rebuke? Gutless racists run the Republican party. These people need to be taken out of office and put on a distant island far, far away from civiization. Civility needs to be practiced. Who cares whether a person is white, black, brown, yellow, green, red, or blue…We are all human. We have a black president and he is the best person for the job. Get over it.

  19. doris |

    Agreed.Get over it ,but still complain and gripe when you disagree with him,just not because he is anything but,in your opinion,wrong.

  20. Harvey |

    I’m really amazed and saddened that so many people are so blind that they really think the outrage against Obama has ANYTHING to do with his race! Every position the man has taken has been either anti-free market or anti-American; and you really think this has anything to do with him being a black man?

    Obama is the biggest danger America (as we all knew America as we were growing up) has faced since 9/11/01 and, in the long term, he may be an even bigger danger — and I would say this about ANY president of ANY color with his policies and positions and with the super majorities he holds in the palm of his hand in the Congress.

  21. Aaron |

    It may be that way for you Harvey, and I respect your perspective and opinion as a fellow American but you would be just a select few that may be like this. It is because race. No one can or should deny that. It is evident everyday. People are ignorant and hateful as ever just as racism is evident in our society so greatly. Ingorance is bliss because it’s easier to support something blindly than exploring the truth. Because of this denial is bliss.

  22. Lisa |

    I am with you, Harvey. Interestingly, I attended a local meeting with Virginia Liberty Project and was very pleased to see a diverse crowd of people with at least 10% of those being black or African American descent and several Hispanics, too. As I’ve indicated in previously, there are many people of diverse backgrounds who are unhappy with what is going on in this country now.It has nothing to do with the color of skin of the current president.

  23. Tom |

    Aaron, your view that the vast majority who oppose Obama and his policies are racists (I assume that’s what you mean) is just as biased as the views of a true racist. I think you should spend some time examining the biases that reside in your own heart.

  24. Aaron |

    I am not biased or partisan whatsoever. I know that because I take everyones opinions into consideration and I weigh all options and even think why said people think what they do. I am in no way biased and I can honestly say that. I agree with people when they are right and I will disagree if need be. I can and do admit when I am wrong no matter what.

  25. Harvey |


    Yes it is exactly that way for me!

    We obviously see the world in different ways but I think Tom hit the nail on the head: you are attributing your own faults and biases to everyone. You may claim to have no biases or be partisan in any way and that either puts the lie to your claim or indicates that you are like a piece of putty, being constantly reshaped.

    If you have the capacity to think (and I certainly am not suggesting that you don’t) you have likes and dislikes, biases and prejudices like everyone else (including me).

    Certainly there are racists in society but they are way out of the mainstream and not even worth the recognition they get by talking about them. But to ignore the damage that President Obama is (as indicated by his policies and rhetoric) planning to do to this country and attribute his opposition to racism is, frankly, ridiculous.

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