Keeping Up with the Joneses

September 6th, 2009

Still another of Obama’s picks to fill an Administration position, this time a “czar” in his inner circle, has failed the “sunlight” test.

The czars, of course, are the more than 30 friends and friends-of-friends who serve as advisers to and answer to Obama. These individuals don’t face approval by Congress, nor do they have to deal with anyone else. The question of “Who’s minding the store” comes to mind. Whatever happened to the so-called “vetting” process?

On the other hand, this might be an indication of the low esteem in which the voters are held by this President and those around him. It’s really hard to believe that anyone could have thought that Van Jones could be slipped in unnoticed.

Once again we have seen this President tie himself and his office to the radical left, not to mention that Jones was an avowed communist during the 1990s and has been associated with the 9/11 “truther” conspiracy. What would have been the consequences of letting Jones influence White House policy?

Obama seems to prefer radicals and malcontents of the same mindset as his own. Wake up, people, there is a message here and a lesson to be learned as well.

Commenting on how the story has been ignored by the media, Byron York in the Washington Examiner noted Friday that a Nexis news search for the Van Jones “truther” controversy turned up exactly zero results from The New York Times, The Washington Post, and transcripts from ABC World News, NBC Nightly News, and CBS Evening News (although The Washington Post published a story Friday on page A3 and the CBS newscast aired a report Friday night).

So, as York noted, anyone who got his or her news from one of these sources, or all five, was unaware that the President’s Green Jobs Czar was not only an avowed communist but was also a supporter of the “truther” movement, which means he believes that the Bush Administration was complicit in — even orchestrated — the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Meanwhile, the Obama White House continues to push their big three programs — cap and trade, health care reform, and revamping the economy — all of which will have drastic and lasting effects on this nation.

The latest news is that Jones resigned yesterday as a result of intense pressure.  He wrote in a letter that “he was the victim of a ‘vicious smear campaign’ and that ‘opponents of reform’ had used ‘lies and distortion’ against him.”

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7 Responses to “Keeping Up with the Joneses”

  1. Shelly T. |

    Tell me, which is more “radical” — the “truther” movement, which is based on evidence, or the “birther” movement, which is based on nothing at all?

    It would be hard to describe the mild-mannered Van Jones as a radical, but the tea party behavior I see every day seems rather radical to me. It’s rude, it’s loud and it’s based on misinformation. Jones is a decent guy and the only reason he resigned is because of the mentally ill Glenn Beck and his attacks.

  2. David Schantz |

    “the “birther” movement, which is based on nothing at all?” Thats right, no Birth Certificate, nothing at all.

    God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

  3. Tom |

    Shelly, the “truther” and “birther” movements are both idiotic.

    Obama might have been able to help turn off the birthers, at least to some extent, by releasing more information. But he wasn’t under any obligation to do that since the Hawaii Certification of Live Birth he’s already provided is sufficient to prove his place of birth and citizenship. In any case, the few people who really believe that Obama isn’t a citizen are of little consequence, and nothing they do is very important.

    The truthers, on the other hand, are far worse. The only “evidence” they have for their paranoid claims is the same kind of “evidence” that Holocaust deniers have — isolated facts and assertions, mostly nonsense if looked at closely, that fly in the face of a huge body of real evidence to the contrary. Truthers have greater potential to cause real problems because they challenge both the legitimacy of the U.S. government and the well-established identity of those who planned and executed the worst-ever terrorist attack against the U.S.

    I wouldn’t say that Glenn Beck is mentally ill; that would be treatable. He’s just a loudmouthed idiot, and there’s no cure for that.

  4. Lisa |

    So, are you saying Van Jones resigned because of a loud mouthed idiot? Either he doesn’t have the nerve to soldier on or there is alot more damaging evidence about himself he does not want revealed. In my view we need to take a closer look at all the other unvetted czars.

  5. Tom |

    No, I think Jones resigned because of well-deserved public pressure. The things he did and said along the way came back to bite him in the butt. I don’t share Larry’s apocalyptic view of the Jones situation; he was fairly low level, didn’t report directly to the President, had no budget, and didn’t make policy on a significant level. More than anything, this is a failure of the vetting process and the failure of a young and idealistic Administration to understand the difference between the public image of a person and the real person. They’ll learn, but it’s coming hard.

    And yes, I think Glenn Beck is a loudmouthed idiot. Calling the President a racist is proof enough. He could have gone after Jones in a more rational way, and if he hadn’t gotten him, others would have.

  6. doris |

    I think he resigned to stop the loud mouthed idiots from trying to ruin the president,for the stupid things he,Jones, has said in his life-You have real proof he was an active communist or just rightwing rhetoric?Apparently,Obama is guilty of carefully examining his peoples past and,maybe,not understanding that alot of what is said,without adverse reaction in one realm of society,
    may not be socially acceptable in the another.

  7. doris |

    I see where he is a self admitted radical-communist,hmmmm,mostly he wants equal distribution of wealth to the black communities.I can’t agree with his green party and his communism,so I am glad he quit.He seems very racially radical,and need not be in that position.This is all from Fox News,can we believe it?Don’t know,but something to ponder.Can’t believe his past got past the president,scares me a little.

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