September 3rd, 2009

After reading the previous article by Amber I was put in mind of the innocence of our kids and the ease with which they are impressed and influenced by adults.

We should always be on guard against those who will take advantage of our children and hence our future. I’m of the strong conviction that childhood is a very special if not sacred time in everyone’s life. It’s also a time when young minds can be made to embrace radical ideas that would later in adult life fall victim to common sense.

The tactic of the Obama Administration to address the nation’s school children in a captive audience format so as to push a political agenda is morally wrong and represents what amounts to brainwashing the entire youth population of our nation. My reference to the moral aspects is because this form of brainwashing is nothing short of mental assault. The President will be forcing his ideas on every school kid who is required to sit and watch his Big Brother television broadcast.

Of course, some among us will argue to the contrary; they always do.

This President gets farther from our form of government with each passing day. Thankfully, it appears that more people are seeing him and his czars for who they really are. For those of you still undecided, please look at the backgrounds of these Obamanites. All are either 60’s and 70’s anti-American radicals or Chicago-made politicians or both, and none of them have the ability to lead this country anywhere but down.

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20 Responses to “Kids-N-School”

  1. Tom |

    Larry, there’s nothing wrong with the President, whoever he or she is, making a speech to schoolchildren on TV. Presidents (and other politicians) often speak to kids in their classrooms or in larger assemblies, and kids see them on TV all the time. A special presidential speech for schoolchildren on TV may be a newer approach, but it’s the same basic idea.

    It will be a very good idea if the President uses his speech to talk to kids about the greatness of their country, the importance of knowing about their government, and the importance of their future roles as citizens. That would be an outstanding civics lesson of the kind we don’t have enough of in schools today.

    If, on the other hand, the President tries to sell his partisan agenda to the nation’s school children, there will be a huge negative uproar and a high political cost. I don’t think the Administration is dumb enough to do that. In fact, based on some early reactions, they’ve already backed away from part of what they were planning.

    I don’t think there’s been any public release of what the President plans to say in the speech. Why don’t we just wait and see?

  2. doris |

    Just like the right, you have no idea what he will say, yet you sit in judgment? Of course all his people are not 60s and 70s radicals and anti-American. That is an absurd statement. A little information, right or wrong, seems to be all you base your topic on. I think you need the facts, and then you can judge a speech you haven’t even heard. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the president addressing our children, it actually shows he cares about them as people and cares about their opinions. See what he says then you can tear him apart, as I am sure you will, even if he only talks about rainbows and ponies.

  3. larry |

    So it’s okay to judge me because I’m judging Obama? What happens if I’m right?

  4. doris |

    I’m not trying to judge you, sorry. I just want you to be aware of how biased you sound, having not heard any part of his speech. Judge not, lest not ye shall be judged? You put it out there and should expect responses to the contrary, I do.

  5. doris |

    I read the only article I could find about his speaking to our children. Very biased by those who hate Obama, but even that said Obama said he would speak about the value of staying in school and learning, no mention of brainwashing? He has a high degree of need to be of public service and may talk about helping your community. I do not find this offensive or Nazi-like. If the president can’t talk to your children, why do you allow the very prejudiced and brainwashing teachers to do so alone and without any public watching? If he can get just a few children to stay in school and maybe even have a feeling of devotion or care for our country, which most of us have lost, how is that bad? You will be watching on the internet for the brainwashing and will have ample opportunity to undo it, with your own version of brainwashing for your children — not you, Larry, all of us.

  6. Tom |

    Here’s a Politico report today on conservative and Republican views of the President’s speech to school kids. Keep in mind that they don’t know what he’s going to say, just what’s in suggested lesson plans.

    Those who worry about indoctrination, re-education, socialist propaganda, etc. should also remember that no child will be forced to see the speech. Schools and/or teachers can elect to show it or not, and parents can elect to let their kids see it or not.

    The sky really isn’t falling.

  7. Alan |

    I don’t understand why everyone is making such a huge deal about this. If you don’t agree, don’t let your children see it. You have a choice. Or better yet, give your children the choice.

  8. Len |

    You’re really serious about this, aren’t you? You actually believe that the President of the United States is going to attempt to brainwash the school children of the United States next Tuesday. You think he is going to try to turn them all into liberal Democrats. Then, right after he does that, he’s gonna go pull the plug on grandma.

    The President of the United States is going to talk to the school children of the United States about the importance of staying in school, setting educational goals and taking personal responsibility.

    Perhaps you would rather he read to them from “My Pet Goat?”

    You folks on the right really need to try to rein yourselves in a little. You’re really starting to lose it. Seriously. Get a grip.

  9. Brian Bagent |

    As was demonstrated by Bush on 9-11-01, presidents really do have better things to do with their time than having a chat with children. Bush shouldn’t have done it, an neither should Obama.

  10. doris |

    Brian, what on earth is more important than school children staying in school? Maybe Obama is wise enough, not a doofus like Bush, and will leave the talk in the event of a national emergency. To know that the president thinks you are important is worth a lot, Republican or Democrat, to a child. Parents need to lighten up and hear the speech.

  11. doris |

    Why is it OK for Bush to talk to school kids and not Obama? He is the president and not just some guy. Ronald Reagan talked politics with school kids in 1988, why no uproar?

  12. Brian Bagent |

    Reagan shouldn’t have done it, either. Those sort of motivational speeches are best done by people like Tony Robbins or Og Mandino.

    Let me ask you this: what happens when a child finds out what a lying, scumbag jerk the politician is who “motivated” them to stay in school? Politicians are not role models and do not need to be giving advice to anyone on any subject except to people who wish to become lying, scumbag jerks.

  13. doris |

    My, my, are you a tad skeptical? I really hope all politicians aren’t scumbags, but they are jerks, for the most part. I think our children can pretty much judge people better than we can and will hear the message from a well educated man who, against all odds, made it to be president. Telling them that anything is possible with education won’t make them think he is a lying scumbag of a politician. They will find all that out after they graduate, or maybe they won’t. Maybe it will encourage a few kids to stay in school. Why is that harmful?

  14. Lisa |

    Listen, the grownups are not listening to him anymore, now he must find another audience. At least one elementary school in our area is giving parents the choice to opt their kids out of watching the video. Things are getting pretty bad when public school officials feel they have to give an option to parents as to whether their kids view the POTUS. This isn’t exactly sex education we are talking about. This is a clear indicator of how tenuous Obama’s leadership is at this point.

  15. Brian Bagent |

    Lisa, what would help is if people quit referring to our elected officials as “leaders.” They are our SERVANTS, our representatives, our agents. They are supposed to do our bidding. We absolutely do not do theirs.

  16. Lisa |

    Brian, I agree; however, the POTUS while a public servant is serving in a leadership position. As I’ve written before, not all persons serving in leadership positions are leaders. The point above is that this may be unprecedented that parents would keep their children from listening to the President of the United States of America.

  17. Tom |

    Interesting factoid from

    President George H.W. Bush made a similar address to schools in 1991. Like Obama, Bush drew criticism, with Democrats accusing the Republican president of making the event into a campaign commercial.

    The President is clearly the leader of our nation, no matter how much you wish to torture the definition of the word. Speaking to school children is a reasonable and proper thing to do. Once the text of the speech is available and it’s found to contain nothing objectional or radical and it’s clear that he isn’t trying to indoctrinate the kiddies, what will conservatives object to then? That the President dares to show his face in front of children?

  18. Amber |

    I dont know if my school is going to show it or not but I agree with Alan. I don’t know why people are making such a big deal about this.

  19. doris |

    Smart girl!

  20. Tom |

    Amber, I agree. If you do see it at school, it would be interesting to know what you and your classmates thought about it.

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