Lest We Forget

September 11th, 2009

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5 Responses to “Lest We Forget”

  1. doris |

    I don’t think anyone could forget that day,except maybe the politicians who still haven’t found the real perp.It reminds me of just how long we have been at war for nothing,certainly not for this.Sad to say we can’t find one old,sick evil guy,but we sure have created alot of costs,both financially and in human lives, looking and not finding him..

  2. larry |

    Not since Pearl Harbor have so many American’s been struck down in such a hateful act. Japan found few if any allies among the American people where as the Muslim terrorist have cultivated an entire “Fifth Column” within the liberal left. If that is not the case, why do we have to stand by while the terrorist receive treatment far to soft for the crimes they committed?

  3. doris |

    Pearl Harbor,we knew who our enemy was,we are not so sure this time,at least not sure where they really are…Don’t know who to bomb.The entire country of Japan was against us,not all of any country,not nearly all,was involved in 9/11.The enemy is illusive,I am certain if we knew that one country,not one segment of a religious fanatical group,was responsible,we would have obliterated them.At least I hope we would’ve.(/11 was a terrorist act,Pearl Harbor was an overt act of war by a country,very different.

  4. new illuminati |

    Larry – watching you poor dupes from the far side of the planet is downright painful. To watch friends and allies reel around like punchdrunk morons, striking out at the wrong targets in a wrongful spirit of misplaced revenge is disappointing, and surely the US’s darkest hour.

    All those people murdered in New York and you go out and kill the wrong country for other reasons entirely, fooled by corporate lies and intelligent intelligence liars.

    The rest of the world doesn’t have to read and watch the crap you yanks are subjected to, so it’s hardly surprising the truth is more obvious from afar.

    You guys really have no idea of who the REAL enemies are, within or without, do you?

    Take a look at this. It wasn’t put together by THE TOWERING BABBLERS at nbcabc – but it’s in English – or American, if you prefer.


  5. Tom |

    n.i., that video is long and crazy. I’d recommend that no one waste their time watching it.

    You need to get back on your meds, bro.

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