Obama’s Indecision

October 20th, 2009

gibbs_bballYet another seven days has passed with our forces in Afghanistan waiting for some sort of direction from the Commander in Chief. How long would be considered a sensible time to wait? What are they doing in the White House?

This game of hide and go seek between the President and General McChrystal has been drawn out far too long. Maybe the President has opted to just ignore the little war with hopes it will dry up of its own accord?

One has to wonder if the Administration’s blow-up at Fox News is anything more than a diversion to direct attention away from Afghanistan.

It appears, in fact, that we are showing indecision and lack of leadership in the entire region. Iraq is once again becoming a problem, and Iran continues to hold out while it works toward being a nuclear power.

Obama continues to try to change the social and political system here at home while procrastinating about facing up to problems in the Middle East. The lives of thousands of American military personnel hang in the balance as he tries to push through a health care bill that is flawed and unwanted. He has already ruined any chance of ever balancing the budget which, coupled with the health care issue, proves he is a failure with domestic policy.

I’m sure he can fail just as badly with foreign policy, but please don’t leave our troops just hanging.

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