Eric Holder’s Traveling Circus

November 23rd, 2009

By Larry Ennis

KSM_trialAttorney General Eric Holder has yet to set up shop for the trials of the Gitmo Five. Meanwhile, the Five are reportedly already wanting to lay down certain rules that will allow them to make a mockery of all the victims and our justice system.

Were it my decision to make, there would be no civil trials for terrorists. These people have no problem with what they did. In fact, they are considered by their fellow radicals as heroes of the highest honor. If our government allows these terrorists any slack at all, then we need a new government. How does anyone justify giving these SOBs anything but the firing squad? Instead we will get stuck watching them hate America thanks to ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Once again the citizens are forced to suffer for the pleasure of our liberal President and our Democratic House and Senate. Some who post here accuse me of being paranoid, but friends, if being paranoid can in some way help to prevent what’s happening to our nation, then I’m a nutcase

Don’t be too surprised if the United States Justice Department tries to find a reason to handle the Fort Hood murders the same way.

It seems to me that our present federal government is far too easy on terrorists. Maybe we can take fewer prisoners in the war on terrorism. The Muslims don’t seem to let the prisoner of war population get out of control. Maybe we should do the same.

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3 Responses to “Eric Holder’s Traveling Circus”

  1. Jackie |

    As a Vietnam Marine veteran (9th Marines, 3rd Marines Division) it amazes me how afraid the right wing are of terrorists going on trial in New York. What the hell are you so afraid of? I believe you’re sincerely afraid, but not of the terrorists; you’re afraid of the President succeeding. When the terrorists are found guilty and executed, that will be a success for the President. When the rest of the world hear people like you whining in fear of the terrorists being tried in New York, they call us a nation of cowards.

    Your little ignorant comment about Muslims let people know just how shallow you are. We’re not at war with Muslims, we’re at war with Islamic fanatics. That’s like branding every Christian as a Ku Klux Klan member, they spewed their hatred and terror in the name of Christianity.

  2. Tom |

    Jackie, thanks for your comment. I agree with you for the most part. There are some valid concerns, though. What if they aren’t convicted, manage to turn the trial into a platform for jihad rants, force the government to reveal sensitive information, and generally turn the process into a circus? They and their lawyers will certainly try to do all this. And what if more terrorist violence results in New York City? For these and other reasons, I think it was a bad decision.

    Larry, “giving them the firing squad” implies you support summary execution. Neither the U.S. nor any other civilized nation does that. Thankfully, we also don’t have a “take no prisoners” mindset, as you suggest in your last paragraph. I have to wonder what kind of country you want to live in.

    You say, “the citizens are forced to suffer for the pleasure of our liberal President.” What does that mean?

    You also say,

    “Don’t be too surprised if the United States Justice Department tries to find a reason to handle the Fort Hood murders the same way.”

    That’s pure nonsense, to put it in the kindest words. Crimes committed by military personnel on military installations are under the jurisdiction of the military. Accused persons are investigated, tried, and if found guilty punished under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. For murder, the death penalty is possible. If the crime is committed by a civilian, or if the charge is of certain other specific kinds, the FBI and the federal courts may have jurisdiction. These are the only two possibilities. In the case of MAJ Hasan, it’s virtually certain that his case will be handled by the military.

    This jurisdictional arrangement for crimes committed on military installations has been in place for a very long time, and it’s common knowledge. You could have discovered this with just a few minutes of fact-checking.

    As far as being a paranoid nutcase (you said it), I’d paraphrase the great philosopher Forrest Gump: Paranoid is as paranoid does.

  3. larry |

    Jackie, Tom
    It’s my nature to say things such as the firing squad thing. I used it and the take no prisoners thing to underscore a point.
    Paranoid is a label used by an individual on this forum to describe me. Once again I use it myself on occasion to push home a point Forrest Gump not withstanding. I try to insert a little humor in these opinoin post. What harm is done?
    Tom, believe it or not I’m well aware of how the military justice system works. My concern is whether or not the system could be tampered with. The Gitmo five are after all military prisoners.
    Every relative of a 9/11 victim will have to suffer the rants and screams of the Muslim killers that were in the masterminds in one of the worst tragedies in our history. It is a stupid and thoughtless act on the part of Obama and crew. Last of all my country is at war with Muslim terrorist like it or not.

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