A Doctor’s Diagnosis

December 1st, 2009

By Brianna Aubin

caduceus_in_cageThe other day, I was combing YouTube for article material when I came across some videos of a discussion held on government-run health care.  One of the speakers was Dr. Arthur Astorino, Jr., chairman of Americans for Free Choice in Medicine

He is against the idea of government-run health care, but I hope that you will listen to him anyway even if you disagree with this view because I think his perspective on the debate is extremely valuable to people who are far more used to seeing the effects of government policy than the causes.


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2 Responses to “A Doctor’s Diagnosis”

  1. Tom |

    I’ve watched all three videos, and I highly recommend them. You’re right that even those who disagree can gain from listening to what the speaker says. His discussions of confusion between cause and effect and the historical development of the current health care system are particularly interesting.

  2. Brian Bagent |

    If one wishes to see how the free market would work on general medicine, one need look no further than the competition and declining prices involved with VOLUNTARY procedures, like LASER eye surgery and plastic surgery.

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