Smiles and Frowns

December 7th, 2009

By Larry Ennis

Susan BoyleThere is so much going on that it’s hard to comment on everything. The climate and global warming fiasco is playing out to be much more fiction than fact in my opinion. The recent discovery that many in the scientific community were less than truthful on the climate change situation only reinforces my doubts. However, you don’t need a PhD to see that money and politics are a driving force behind this “green awareness” that has been unleashed on the unsuspecting populace. Hopefully the whole issue will become old news and we can turn our attention to domestic and foreign problems.

One ray of sunshine is Susan Boyle, the little middle-aged Scottish woman with the voice of an angel. Born Susan Magdalane Boyle in April 1961, she has become an overnight sensation. Her latest album, “I Dreamed a Dream,” is presently the fastest-selling in the U.S. with sales approaching 800,000. The lady has talent. Hopefully she will have a long, rewarding career.

Gene SimmonssFar away at the other end of the scale is Adam Lambert. More controversial than talented, he is at best hard to define without creating even more controversy. ABC Television has booked Lambert for both Good Morning America and The View. Of course, everyone will be watching to see if he does a repeat of the routine he did during the music awards. Evidently a tongue in the right mouth is almost priceless. Next question is can Lambert “out tongue” Gene Simmons. Simmons is a founding member of the hard rock group “Kiss” and parlayed his tongue and crazy costume into fifty million dollars.

The party crashers at the last White House have stirred up quite a storm. The question of who was responsible for the security failure remains unsolved. Like everything else with this administration, they have elected not to allow a full investigation. According to Fox News, White House security has been breached 91 times in the last 30 years, which at least shows that it’s far from uncommon for it to happen.

Tiger Woods has been accused of having other women in his life besides his wife. About seven and counting so far. All evidence indicates that except for his desire for other women, Woods has been a good husband. Can he make it through this scandal without more much damage? I’ve long respected this man for his golf game and his devotion to his family. I’d hope he will survive this and continue to have a decent life.

Health care reform has hit a snag on the issue of abortion. Wouldn’t it be strange if Obama’s health reform stalled and failed because of abortion? The blockage is being caused by Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Nelson’s amendment would place certain restrictions on government-funded abortions. Anyone who has followed the abortion issue will recall that at least as far back as the Clinton Administration, abortion was limited to cases where the mother’s life was in danger. Somehow the pro-choice people always worked around that limitation. Nelson is attempting to ban federal funding for abortions in the Senate health care bill, as it’s banned in the House bill. Will it work?

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5 Responses to “Smiles and Frowns”

  1. Tom |

    You lost me when you put Adam Lambert and Gene Simmons in the same paragraph. What was the point of that?

    Are you serious about Tiger Woods?

    “All evidence indicates that except for his desire for other women, Woods has been a good husband.”

    You respect him for “his devotion to his family”?

    That’s about like saying, “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”

  2. larry |

    my goodness Tom
    Where do I start?
    If Adam Lambert is remembered for nothing else, he will be remember for his behavior during the American Music Awards. A part of that behavior was the “French” kiss he gave one of his band members. Lambert later said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that he felt the kiss was proper and good for his act.
    I was pointing out that Gene Simmons was remembered for exposing his tongue during his performances. He didn’t find it necessary to kiss any band members but he stuck it out during his concerts. It became his trademark. It also helped make him very wealthy.

    Tiger Woods
    In spite of his addiction(like Bill Clinton) to other women he has supported his family in what appears to be “Great Splender”. He hasn’t left them to fend for themselves by a long shot.

  3. Harvey |


    Like the newsy format of your post.

    Just want to point out one thing — pro choice does not necessarily imply government funded. I, for one, have always supported a woman’s choice and have always opposed paying for it with our tax dollars.

    Pro choice SHOULD be a fundamental belief of every Conservative; Conservatives are, after all, supposed to believe in personal freedom within legal limits.

  4. Tom |

    Well … if that’s what it takes to get Gene Simmons and Adam Lambert in the same paragraph, how about adding Jenna Bush, who famously stuck her tongue out at reporters? Or Albert Einstein, who even more famously stuck his tongue out in front of his house one morning?

    Tiger Woods — If being a serial philanderer is OK as long as you provide material comforts for your wife and kids, I’m sure there are many men who, after reading your article and comment, will punch the air with their fists and shout “Yes!”

  5. John Smith |

    Honestly, this whole Tiger Wood’s scandal is pretty messed up. I won’t deny cheating on your wife is a crime, and a horrible one too, but that’s not the issue here. The issue is whether or Tiger’s being a pro athlete makes that crime worse. Based off of all the crap he’s gotten from fans and media, I’d think he was behind 9/11.

    Tiger Woods is a human, not some heavenly being who cannot commit a sin. If you are so quick to criticize him, let me ask you: would you like it if your personal shortcomings were broadcasted nation-wide? If you were subject to the venomous mud-hurling Tiger is going through?

    I don’t even watch golf, but I can say this with absolute certainty: you, reading this sentence, have comitted sins just as dark. Just because Tiger is a pro golfer doesn’t mean he is any different.

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