Like It or Not

January 24th, 2010

By Larry Ennis

The election of Scott Brown to the Massachusetts Senate seat previously held by Ted Kennedy marks the beginning of a major turn-around in our political system. This reversal didn’t come about overnight. There were ample warning signs, but the Washington crowd has long ago stopped fearing the voters. Many of them (both parties) are in office because they had the finances to win, not because they are decent representatives of their constituents. Shielded by a left-wing media and no term limits, these fat cats got away with more political deception than any decent person could imagine.

The first signs of change showed itself as the American voters started to publicly demonstrate against proposed health care reforms that were unwanted. These demonstrators adopted the lowly tea bag as their trademark. The Boston tea party concept of revolutionary war times had been called up once again to protest unfair taxation and an unfair government. This distrust was fueled by the arrogant attitude of Democrats. They had convinced themselves that they could do as they pleased. Being the arrogant people that they are, they completely dismissed the growing movement. They called them malcontents and uneducated rednecks. Even so, the concept has spread to nearly every state. These folks are changing the political landscape and serving notice that they will speak though the ballot box come November 2010.

Had it not been for Fox News, the demonstrations would not have had any media coverage. Media coverage and internet access are essential in today’s political world. The coverage by Fox forced CNN to give coverage to the anti-Washington protesters. The other networks followed soon thereafter. The movement was getting too big to ignore. American television watchers could relate to what the tea partiers were doing. They agreed that something was terribly wrong in Washington.

The disregard for the voters was once again shown when the President and the Justice Department decided to give Muslim terrorists the same rights as American citizens and try them in civilian courts. Common sense, if not common decency, would dictate that such behavior is an affront to the relatives and families of the victims of terrorism. This Administration appears to be very soft on Muslim terrorists.

Another highly visible warning concerning this President and his party is their desire for complete government control. Every attentive voter has had ample opportunity to see the intrusion of bigger government in most everything being done under this President’s control. If we don’t put an end to the uncontrolled growth of big government, we will most likely be consumed by it.

Because socialism conjures up bad images in the minds of American capitalists and conservatives, liberal Democrats practice a form of progressivism, an offspring of economic egalitarianism which is also the basis for socialism and communism. Under such a governing system everyone is supposedly equal in wealth and social order. The merits of how the liberals view such an arrangement for the common good is sometimes confusing. However, it is agreed that the liberals and Democrats want total government control over the lives of the citizens and an end to independent thinking among the masses. Instead, we would live according to government decree and manifesto.

The progressives have from time to time risen to a degree of power in America. The progressives pushed through legislation on several occasions that became law — things like women’s suffrage and FDR’s New Deal were progressive ideas. FDR even tried to have a second bill of rights that would allow government to take total control. It would have created a socialist regime with certain guarantees to the people. The idea has been rejected by non-progressives, probably because it too much resembled the plan Hitler used in Germany during his rise to power.

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4 Responses to “Like It or Not”

  1. Tom |

    You clearly imply that women’s suffrage was not a good thing. Some of your female family and friends will probably read this, so you might want to duck-and-cover at this point.

    Just so you know — women’s suffrage was finally realized through the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, not legislation.

  2. larry |

    I’m sorry if I left that impression. My intent was just the opposite.
    Yes, I’m aware that womens voting rights are granted by the 19th amendment but it came about as a result of legislation that allowed amending the Constitution.

  3. Tom |

    There’s no such thing as legislation “allowing” amendment of the Constitution. To initiate the process of amending the Constitution, of the two possible methods the one used has been for each house of Congress, by a two-thirds majority, to pass a bill proposing an amendment, which then goes to the states for ratification. The word “legislation” means either the passing or making of laws or a body of laws.

    You might find it useful to read this.

  4. larry |


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