What Harry Said

January 13th, 2010

By Larry Ennis

Another writer asked if Harry Reid should resign for comments he made about Obama in 2008. As much I would enjoy seeing Harry go down, I don’t see his comments as the vehicle to cause his demise. After all, his comments were true.

We have in this country a segment of the population that feels it must police our words and thoughts. As luck would have it, these same people support Harry Reid and his political party. Such a conflict of interest creates some rather awkward moments for these people. I’d call it the “people who live in glass houses” syndrome. They forced Trent Lott out but have given Reid a pass. Neither the Reid nor Lott incidents really deserved a racist tag.

If we continue this stupid form of gauging people’s worth and ability, we run the risk of being forever mired in political correctness. This same political correctness is part of the reason our country is on the brink of financial ruin. Billions of dollars lost because political correctness dictated a home for everyone, even those who had no hope or intention of paying for that home.

In case you’ve not noticed, the tempo of terrorist attacks on our people and property has started to increase, yet our ability stop these killers is still lagging behind. Stop worrying about what dialect Obama speaks. Worry about how we are handling the terrorists that we manage to catch. There is something gravely wrong when the intended victims of said terrorists have to give the terrorists protection under the victims’ Constitution.

As we enter the second year of this President’s Administration, we face problems that need attention. It’s time for the health care fiasco to be shelved so other more pressing issues can be addressed. The jobless rate continues to stay above ten percent. The war in Afghanistan continues to eat our people alive but shows little real progress. Both of these issues deserve more attention than they’re getting.

America has now seen what happens when the liberals gain complete control of our government. What a complete disaster it is.

All this deserves more attention than what Harry said.

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4 Responses to “What Harry Said”

  1. d |

    Yeah,because it wasn’t a fiasco when Obama inherited most of this crap? You forgot that the republican partys’ leader is responsible for the war and the state of the econonmy. It takes a very long time,if ever, to pull out of the kind of horrible mess Bush left to the democrats’ leader. How soon they forget.

  2. d |

    I do completely agree, that Reid spoke the truth,and they used Obama to defeat Hillary.A white man could not have won that election. Only another minority could have beat a woman,we were ready for a complete change. Doesn’t look like it is making a huge difference,though. I am dissapointed with Obama for not getting us out of the wars,like he promised,but he is only working with what he inherited.He’s not really making lemonaide very fast,with his lemons,is he?

  3. Tom |

    We’re already beyond the point where Bush can be blamed for everything. Each president inherents things good and bad from past presidents, but when he takes the oath of office it’s all his. Maybe the finger-pointing at his predecessor was OK during the first year, but that’s over with.

  4. d |

    Then why are these guys blaming Obama for all the things Bush started and left no clear,easy or good way out of?Why are they blaming him for all the problems that were so massive that they are almost unsurmountable,that the last administration did? Why not just blame him for what he did?

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