Supreme Court Justice Clinton

February 11th, 2010

by Jason Gallimore

Sources in Washington are saying that lawyers for the Obama administration are working behind the scenes to make plans for any possible US Supreme Court vacancies in the coming year. Justices Stevens and Ginsburg are rumored to be considering retirement, with age certainly being a factor. Progressives will be happy to see that two of the high courts liberal justices will likely be replaced by equally progressive justices. Supreme Court Justice Hillary Clinton?

It may not be something that has crossed your mind, but this is very much a possibility. Secretary of State will certainly not be the last entry on Clinton’s resume and her chances at the presidency significantly declined after losing her 2008 nomination battle with Obama. Would Clinton accept an offer to join the highest court? It certainly would be a very noble and admirable way to end your political career, and Clinton would likely be affirmed by Congress with few problems other than a media blitz.

Many will continue that Hillary still has her eye on the prize of the presidency, but most close to her agree that the last campaign took a lot out of her. Would she and Bill really want to go through all of that again? And age begins to play a factor as well. If Obama won re-election, her earliest opportunity to run may be to go for the nomination in 2016. However, 2016 would make Clinton nearly 70 years old. So now the Supreme Court doesn’t look like such a bad gig.

Mark McKinnon from the Daily Beast summed up why he feels that Obama may seriously consider Clinton for such an appointment:

One possibility: legacy. As popular as Obama is, and as many votes as he received in 2008, he still stepped over Clinton to get to the throne. And a lot of woman haven’t forgotten or forgiven. In one stroke, he would eliminate any remaining bad feelings and would become a Hillaryland hero.

Stripping away the drama, the politics and psychobabble, she’d be a great choice for Obama and the Democrats. She’s as smart and as qualified as any prospect her party could nominate.

Jason Gallimore is a freelance writer and multimedia producer residing in Virginia. He’s a progressive activist and is passionate about social issues. Jason is the lead writer and developer of The Common Progressive, covering the latest in progressive news and commentary. Contact:

(This article was also posted at The Common Progressive.)

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One Response to “Supreme Court Justice Clinton”

  1. Tom |

    I’ve had the same thought all along about Clinton being nominated to the Supreme Court. In fact, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Obama had nominated her instead of Sotomayor.

    I’m not much of a Hillary fan, but I think putting her on the Court would be a good thing. Whatever else she may be, she’s intelligent and qualified for the job, and I think she would do it well. She also wouldn’t have too tough a time with Senate confirmation, given that she’s a former Senator. Conservatives also wouldn’t really have much reason to object because she would be a liberal replacing a liberal, assuming that she replaces either Ginsburg or Stevens.

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