Where Are They?

February 17th, 2010

By Tom Carter

A recent commentary by Keith Olbermann, MSNBC, is worth watching (video below).  He addresses the question of racism, mainly hidden below the surface, among some who strongly criticize President Obama.

I’ve also noticed that every time I see a Tea Party rally or activity on TV, there are virtually no faces there that aren’t white.  No blacks, few if any other minorities can be seen in the crowd.  Olbermann asks the important question, “Where are they?”

It can’t be because there are no African Americans who oppose President Obama’s policies.  It can’t be because there are no African American Republicans or conservatives.  What conclusion is left?

As Olbermann points out, if you oppose President Obama for his policies alone and you harbor no fear or resentment of his race, then ask yourself why everyone at your local Tea Party gathering looks just like you.  You might want to re-think where and how you make your opinions known.

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15 Responses to “Where Are They?”

  1. Lisa |

    Tom, I have seen people of different racial or ethnic backgrounds while watching Fox News reports of the Tea Parties. One of the movement organizers is an African American named Lloyd Marcus, but there are others as well. Sometimes we have to remember that African Americans make up only 13 percent of our population. I attended a meeting in my area of similar minded people where greater than 13 percent of those present were African Americans seated throughout the audience. There were Americans of Hispanic and Asian decent present as well. I think Olberman needs to do more fair and balanced reporting. Why is it that those left of center think anyone’s issues with Barack Obama are racially motivated?

  2. Tom |

    Well, Lisa, I’ve watched a lot of the coverage, too, and I’ve seen very few minorities, especially African Americans. I haven’t been to one of the events in person, so I can’t speak from that perspective. However, it seems to me that the larger point is still valid.

  3. Brian Bagent |

    Well, the primary reason you’ll see very few black or Hispanic faces at these events is because if exit poll numbers are to be believed, blacks vote “D” to “R” at a ratio of about 19:1, and Hispanics vote “D” to “R” at a ratio of about 3:1.

    That would seem to indicate that less than 1% of all blacks vote Republican, and about 3.5% of all Hispanics vote republican. This is not a huge mystery, and it has very little, if anything, to do with racism.

  4. Brianna |

    Just out of curiosity, are these tea party activists racist too?


    Or maybe Glenn Beck made these people come onto his show


    I’ll be honest Tom, I’m kinda disappointed with you here.

  5. Tom |

    I’m not sure what the first reference was about — an African American man was beaten by SEIU people and the Tea Party is objecting to it? OK.

    The Glenn Beck video is very good. It shows that there are, indeed, African American conservatives (as I noted in the article) and that they’re often very articulate about their beliefs. This is particularly true in areas where religious belief and social policy are in opposition — gay marriage and DADT are a good examples. However, this program wasn’t about the Tea Party movement; I didn’t hear a single reference to it.

    I think Olbermann’s point is still valid. I’ve had the same impression watching videos and news coverage of Tea Party activites for many months, including the convention where Palin spoke. Almost everyone at the events — almost — is white. Whites are about 65% of the U.S. population. Where are those other 100,000,000 people when tea partiers take to the streets? It’s a valid question.

    Olbermann and Beck are both extremists. However, that doesn’t mean that neither of them can ever be right about anything. The video I posted and the video you linked to are both examples of them being right, in my view.

  6. larry |

    Your grabbing straws from the wind on this one. Olbermann is a real piece of work.
    As to the Tea Party people, why the great fear of them?

  7. Tom |

    Why do you assume that anyone fears them? Don’t you think it’s even remotely possible that someone can disagree with you for perfectly valid reasons that have nothing to do with fear, hatred, etc?

  8. Brianna |

    “I’m not sure what the first reference was about — an African American man was beaten by SEIU people and the Tea Party is objecting to it? OK.”

    The black guy was a tea partier. That was one of the main points. The other main point was that the tea partiers racism must be running pretty darn deep if they can see no contradiction between protesting a racist action and holding supposedly racist beliefs.

    Saying that the tea partiers must be racist simply because of a dearth of minorities at the protests is like saying my colleages are all sexist because there is a dearth of women in aerospace (also a dearth of blacks and hispanics). It looks nice, and it gives the liberals fodder to chew on when they want to whine about inequality, but it simply isn’t true.

  9. d |

    I hope the tea parties are colorless,because most black people are democrats,or for Obama,because they love him. I believe them to be mostly,Republican,some due to racism.Come on people,you know a bunch of white folk don’t like Obama,because he is black.Of course, they will never admit that,to the other side,although,I have heard those exact sentiments around hicksville. I know,as does Tom,I bet,none of the people on O.P. are this way,but don’t wear your rose colored glasses all the time,it’s out here.Some Folk out in the sticks, assume everyone is as stupid as they,and will tell you all the evils they attach to the Obama presidency,including his worse fault,they say,being black. I said that much nicer than they do. Going so far as to tell anyone who will listen, the absurd,ridiculous, idea they have, that he is the anti-Christ. I just walk away,reflecting on their deep problematic,thinking. You can’t change their opinion or even disagree,or the fight is on. From my experience, Tom may be correct,and a lot of these things are racially motivated. These racists are hiding under the guise of being a real American,and a real patriot,to get real Republicans on their agenda.I hope none of us falls for that,if you want him out,because you think he is a bad pres. or you are Republican,great,but be careful who you get into bed with.

  10. Tom |

    “Tom may be correct, and a lot of these things are racially motivated.” That’s not my opinion at all. I simply found the Olbermann commentary interesting and thought-provoking. He asks a valid question, and it’s worth thinking about, whatever conclusion one arrives at. If that conclusion is that there may be an element of racism in the Tea Party movement, then, as I said, there are other ways to make one’s opinion known.

  11. d |

    Sorry. There have been no taxation without representation,so why call it tea party. So far, there have been no new taxes and I even got a tax cut.

  12. larry |

    Just watched Obama at a town hall in Nevada. Very few African Americans visible in the audience.

  13. Tom |

    Meaning what? What does “very few” mean? If you’re trying to link that observation to the article, it’s painfully obvious that one town hall meeting is one meeting; the tea party movement is something entirely different. Do you have a point?

  14. Brianna |

    I can’t believe it took me three days to think of this, but Michelle Malkin is actually asian. Though I suppose since asians were too busy integrating into mainstream society to whine about past injustice, they don’t qualify as official victim groups the way blacks do.

    Thomas Sowell, on the other hand, I would have brought up three days ago except I thought his example was too obvious to be ignored, seeing as how he is actually part of the aforementioned victim group.

  15. Brianna |

    Someone put this together. I thought it was great


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