Body Scanners Violate Islam

March 7th, 2010

By Brianna Aubin

In one of the most ironic pieces of news to lately cross my computer screen, a group of Muslim-American scholars has ruled against the use of body scanners to screen Muslims because of modesty concerns. 

Now, I like the idea of body scanners about as much as anyone could reasonably be expected to (not very much at all).  But for Muslims of all people to be whining about this is beyond ridiculous.  The whole reason people insisted on the use of these body scanners in the first place is because of the Muslim who decided to hide a bomb in his underwear last Christmas.  We wouldn’t even have to deal with these things at airports (not to mention all the other security measures) if it weren’t for radical Islam, and now Muslims are complaining that we’re violating their faith when we use them?

Sorry, Islam, but I don’t think there’s really any amount of whining or claiming victimhood/discrimination that will draw anyone to your side over this one.  You’ve made your bed.  Now lie in it.

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One Response to “Body Scanners Violate Islam”

  1. Tom |

    Well, heck, I agree with them on one point — it violates my modesty, too. But you’re right, terrorism inspired by Islam is the main reason we all have to put up with this scanning business, and it’s ironic that they’re the ones doing so much of the complaining.

    But look at it this way — there’s always the option of not flying if you don’t want to get scanned (either in the U.S. or other countries). If almost all Muslims stopped flying, we might think we’d be safer, but that’s probably not true. Anyone crazy enough to put explosives in his undies (or in a bodily orifice, yuck) probably wouldn’t object to getting scanned if he figured he could get past the machine with his explosive.

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