A Tale of Two Infiltrators

April 16th, 2010

By Brianna Aubin

Infiltrator Outed at Tea Party RallySo about a week ago, a guy named Jason Levin (who is, scarily enough, an Oregon middle school teacher) decided that he was going to start a movement called “Crash the Tea Party.”  The idea: get lefties with signs designed to be caricatures of Tea Party signs to join the protests and discredit the movement. 

Obviously, the logical holes in this plan are both numerous and large enough to drive a truck through.  For starters, it assumes the Tea Party is so very racist that the only way anyone could ever gather any hard evidence of it is to send in fake protesters with signs and hope that in crowds numbering hundreds or thousands of people, nobody will notice and drive them away.  Then, it assumes that the plans on how to carry this out will somehow remain a complete secret, even as they are publicly posted on the World Wide Web.  Finally, despite the fact that Tea Party protesters learned the hard way less than a month ago to always keep the cameras rolling, the crashers assumed that nobody would be turning a camera or video recorder on them for documented proof as they showed up in their phony apparel.

Well, some of them were apparently dumb enough to try anyway.  Fortunately, armed with advance warning, the Tea Partiers were on their guard in the cities of:

St. Louis

There are also some good pictures posted here, here and here.

With misspelled words, nonsensical signs, and (most disturbingly) the occasional piece of racial propaganda, the “infil-traitors” were easy to spot and were quickly surrounded by people carrying signs saying “We’re NOT with stupid,” and “Liberal Plant.”  Judging by the imagery and video, most of the counter-protesters were scouted, outed and routed by the Tea Partiers within minutes.  In fact, the only infiltrator that I found who was not immediately spotted by the Tea Partiers was one carrying a sign saying “God Hates Taxes.”  Needless to say, when one is trying to crash an anti-tax rally with an anti-tax sign, it probably says more about you than it does about the ralliers when they fail to catch on that you’re against them.  As for the overall effect, one Tea Partier probably summed it up best with her comment on biggovernment.com when she said, “I was taught not to underestimate my enemy, but the left is making that harder and harder.”

As a contrast, a conservative named Jason Mattera has made a career out of conservative activism, one of those acts being to infiltrate various Democrat protests and conventions:

Obamacare rally
Petition to ban “greed”
 (yes, literally)
Free-Market Socialists

Needless to say, despite the camera continually following him around and his continual flow of parodical rhetoric, the Democrats at these events didn’t catch on to Mattera quite as easily as the Tea Partiers caught onto the crashers at their own rallies.

Ayn Rand once said that evil is impotent, and that “The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it.”  If these outed Tea Party crashers and exposed protesters are really the best the liberal left can do, then I would have to agree.

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2 Responses to “A Tale of Two Infiltrators”

  1. Tom |

    This is classic! You’d think that any serious effort to bring down a movement would at least include competent infiltrators. These clowns do nothing more than make their target look better and more effective.

    What makes this whole thing even funnier is Jason Levin’s website. I went to crashtheteaparty.org, and there’s nothing there other than marketing for t-shirts and bumper stickers. So…he’s trying to make money by starting an effort to attack people who support free enterprise…sounds like an entrepreneurial parody of a parody.

    The Jason Mattera videos on banning greed and free market socialism show how it’s done. He makes loons look like loons, and they don’t seem to catch on to what he’s doing. Those trying to infiltrate the tea parties should hire him as a trainer!

  2. larry |

    Lots of liberals still veiw the Tea Party as a joke that will go away. May be they’re right. American voters are known to have very short memories.

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