Women’s Suffrage In Afghanistan

June 18th, 2010

By Brianna Aubin

A real, honest-to-God picture of a woman having a picture taken for a photo ID in Afghanistan for voting purposes.  It’d be funny if it weren’t so incredibly stupid.

Now I know why the Democrats don’t worry about women in burqas or the possibility of the institution of Sharia law in the West.  They have seen the potential for voter fraud and they stand in awe before it.

Another picture — Afghan women lined up to register to vote:

Afghan Women in Burqas Lined Up to Vote

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4 Responses to “Women’s Suffrage In Afghanistan”

  1. larry ennis |

    Unfair is an understatement when judging this type of treatment towards women. I have no answer as to how we can effect change in these customs. It’s for the aggrieved to rise up in defiance of these injustices. Although some will differ, I would give you the efforts of the tea party as an example. When enough becomes to much, we have to strike back. In the case of “WE” versus the politicians and their well funded political machine, our only hope is to beat them using the ballot box..
    This President, as bad as he is, may well be the best thing that could of happened. He has, through his actions, exposed the unseen until now fat rotten underbelly of our prostituted Federal Government. The expose of Chicago style politics only added to the daring of these political bottom feeders,

  2. Pragmatic Rooster |

    Well, it actually is pretty funny, thanks to the fact that it’s very real, and sad, and hopeless. I’ll bet many of the women under the Burkas laugh about how stupid it is. You have two real options, laugh or get all whiney about it. Nobody likes the squeaky wheel, so I’ll just laugh.

    I also have to laugh at Larry’s response there. I totally agree with the first two thirds of his reply, but the second third dosen’t really belong there. Why is he talking about Obama, the prostituted federal government and Chicago style politics? Someone didn’t take their Ritalin today.

  3. Tom Carter |

    Brianna, good photos. It really is stupid and funny. We can’t do much about that kind of silliness in other countries, although it does indicate once again how wasteful our efforts are in Afghanistan. Nothing we’re doing there is going to create a modern democracy, or anything that resembles it. In the U.S., however, we have to make sure this kind of thing is never allowed. A few Muslim women (or the groups behind them) have sued to be permitted to cover their faces for ID photos, e.g, drivers licenses. None have succeeded, far as I know, and we have to keep it that way.

    Pragmatic Rooster, Larry goes off on an anti-Obama rant if it rains in the afternoon or if the toilet backs up. Same old stuff — socialist, secret agenda, conspiracies, destroy America, Chicago mafia, etc. Just ignore it.

  4. larry ennis |

    Rooster tis true I’m easily ignited in all matters Obama. My intent was to use Obama’s regime as an example of why people, such as the tea party, need to rise up and speak out. Of course the women shown in Brianna’s article live in a world where speaking out results in very dire consequences. A stiuation that could very well happen here at home if we aren’t vigilant.

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