Black Militants at Polling Places

July 13th, 2010

By Larry Ennis

Two weeks ago a Department of Justice attorney exposed the Obama Administration’s refusal to investigate voting rights violations when whites are prevented from voting by black militants.

The charge by former DOJ attorney Christian Adams was serious enough to get a hearing before the federal civil rights commission.

Most of the national media has not reported on this incident to date. Only Fox and CNN have devoted time to the handling of this incident by the the DOJ. Attorney Christian testified that the DOJ refuses equal coverage under the law to whites that are prevented by force or intimidation from voting.

I’m not a scholar in constitutional law, so my thinking that such treatment of voters is illegal could be wrong. Could it be that our Constitution is being twisted to suit the Obama regime?

Am I the only one who questions these abuses? Should I just overlook the threats against my family and myself?

It’s remarkable that Mel Gibson’s love life and racist remarks can get coverage on every national television network, but these same networks have not devoted a minute to this voter intimidation case.

While the DOJ is shielding the New Black Panthers, it is also backing away from a similar situation in Mississippi where a black man named Ike Brown has been preventing whites from voting.

Like it or not, this activity and efforts to subvert the electoral process in this nation are a fact, not some far-right inspired fiction.

I didn’t really want to comment on this matter because in doing so I make myself a target of ridicule. I’ve already been lectured many times about slavery (I never owned a slave) and about poll taxes and other forms of vote denial to blacks (and poor whites). I have never attempted to force someone to not vote or else vote as I say. I will campaign for a candidate of my choice and try to win you over to our side. I won’t threaten your wife or children. I don’t like where this is taking us. The outcome could be very bad.

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7 Responses to “Black Militants at Polling Places”

  1. Clarissa |

    Somehow, the man in your picture looks a lot less scary than gun-wielding fundamentalists or a group of rabid tea-baggers that attacked me once in front of a post-office and nearly put my eye out. Those scary and intimidating tea partiers and the menace they represent to peaceful folks entering the post-office also got no coverage. I wonder why that is.

  2. casual_observer |


    Put the bong down, please. Contact your “pharmacist” and ask them to lower your “dose”. It seems that you are either poor in the use of sarcasm or disingenuous in your charges against peaceful American protesters. Sadly, your delusions are not even adequately original enough to garner consideration for a special report, or even a “news” segment, for PBS or NPR. I sincerely hope you were kidding.

  3. Clarissa |

    I know you are a casual observer but pay more attention, ok? The person who wrote the post about peaceful protesters is called “Larry Ennis.” How on earth did you manage to confuse that with “Clarissa”?

  4. Brianna Aubin |

    Somehow I sincerely doubt that your “gun-wielding fundamentalists” were at any point in time pointing those guns at your head, or that those “rabid tea-baggers” actually did anything more serious than talk to you outside that post office. My doubt may have something to do with the fact that you called them “tea-baggers,” since as a university professor I would frankly expect you to hold yourself to at least a slightly higher standard than the average respectable individual, let alone the average idiot bum.

    If you truly feel your rights were violated or that violence was threatened against you, feel free to take your case to court and I’ll support you 100%. But considering that you once accused me of wanting to do you violence because I pointed out to you in the comments section of your blog the known fact that once communists or socialists take power, the first group of people they do away with are the useful idiots who helped them take power (and yes, I think you’re a useful idiot), I somehow highly doubt that you are capable of reading complete sentences objectively when they are uttered by your ideological opponents, let alone objectively interpreting events involving them.

  5. Lisa |

    I find it interesting, Clarissa, that no one has been able to come up with any media proving the violent nature of the Tea Party movement. It is all hearsay at this point.

    Yes, the Black Panther incident is just one of many that we can reflect back on when 2012 comes along.

  6. Aearlath |

    The loser in the pic looks like a reject from some high school play. That’s the best uniform they can come up with? *laughs* 😉

  7. Tom Carter |

    Interesting article written by a conservative former vice chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights: “The Justice Department, while Bush was still president, investigated the incident and later, after Obama took office, decided that “the facts and the law did not support pursuing” a case against the Black Panthers.

    When you look at what actually happened — no one prevented from voting, no one individually threatened with violence — it becomes more obvious that this is not such a big deal. Maybe they shouldn’t have been there, one with a nightstick, looking black and mean and scaring a few white folks, but how far should nonsense like this be pursued? Just tell people like that to move on and then drop it.

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