Hating Jews

July 5th, 2010

By Nancy Morgan

Last month, students at a Southern California high school were caught playing a late-night on-campus game of tag called “Beat the Jew.” On the popular social networking site Facebook, a user named Alex Cookson launched an open invitation to an event called “Kill a Jew Day.” It was the fourth time that a call to murder Jews had been put on Facebook within recent days.

In D.C., White House press doyen Helen Thomas was captured on tape nonchalantly opining that all Jews should go back to Germany. Implicit in her statement was her assumption that everyone felt the same way, so what’s the big deal?

Also last month: Egypt decided to revoke the citizenship of any Egyptians married to Israelis. In Amsterdam, anti-Semitism has become so commonplace that Dutch police are now using “decoy Jews” in an effort to to cut the number of verbal and physical attacks on Jews, amid fears that anti-Semitic “hate crime” is on the rise. And in Germany, a Jewish dance group was attacked with stones by a group of children and teenagers during a performance at a street festival in Hanover. The teenagers also used a megaphone to shout anti-Semitic slurs.

European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor last week gave a bleak evaluation of European Jewry. “Jews are afraid to walk the streets in Europe with Jewish symbols,” Kantor said. “Synagogues, Jewish schools and kindergartens require barbed-wire fences and security, and Jewish men, women and children are beaten up in broad daylight.”

Jews worldwide are again under attack. The Holocaust and 6 million slaughtered Jews have been forgotten. It now appears that history is on the way to repeating itself, aided and abetted by the world press.

During the much publicized clash between supposed peace activists and Israeli soldiers last month, Israel was roundly condemned when forced to board a ship that was trying to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza under the guise of delivering “humanitarian aid” to Palestinians. Reuters was caught, once again, photo shopping a knife out of the hand of a supposed “peace activist” in a blatant attempt to portray Israel as the aggressor.

The London Telegraph was also caught using a two-year-old photo in their quest to portray Palestinians as victims. A photo that was purposefully misleading, as is shown here.

When Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, Hamas launched 6,500 unprovoked rocket strikes on towns and schoolyards in Israel. The Israeli blockade of Gaza was a necessary self-defense measure to keep these bombs from reaching Gaza. But world opinion, as expressed in the media, sees it differently. Palestinians are the victims and Israel should atone. Period.

The communications firm best known for shaping the liberal Moveon.org into a national movement has tackled a new project: orchestrating an international anti-Israel campaign. And it appears to be working.

Even Israel’s good friend, the United States, is throwing it under the bus. According to Israel’s ambassador to Washington, relations between Israel and its staunchest ally, the U.S., have suffered a “tectonic rift.”

Under President Barack Obama, the United States no longer provides Israel with automatic support at the United Nations where the Jewish state faces a constant barrage of criticism and condemnation. American sentiment now increasingly favors the supposed Palestinian “victims.”

As Thomas Sowell says,

Just as the American left has adopted blacks as mascots, so the international left has adopted Palestinians as mascots. In both cases, the actual well-being of the mascots is not the point.

Mascots exist to be symbols for others. In all the years when the Arab states controlled the area that Israel took over after the 1967 war, nobody cared what happened to the Palestinians, much less offered them a homeland.

If you are one of the unsuspecting Americans who have bought into the “Palestinians as victims” hoax, I urge you, in the interest of fairness, to watch this short video. It is a must-see history lesson from David Horowitz, laying out the true history of Palestine. The facts are incontrovertible.

No matter how thin the pancake, there are always two sides. If we allow the terrorist’s propaganda machine and the world press to continue presenting a false version of Israel and Palestine, it is possible that history could indeed, repeat itself. And we will become allies with murderous Islamic terrorists whose sole goal is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

(This article was also published at Right Bias.)

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5 Responses to “Hating Jews”

  1. larry ennis |

    I have watched the openly hostile movements to discredit and disgrace Israel. I can’t understand why this is.
    I am not Jewish, I’m Christian. More specifically I’m a “Bible Belt” Baptist. My church has long held the belief that Israel is a land that God intended for the Jewish people to call their own.
    Since 1948 my church has backed Israel without any reservations. Why this president has decided to turn against Israel is not known.
    An even greater concern for many is the lack-luster support of the American Jewish peoples for Israel and it’s right to exist.

  2. Tom Carter |

    Well-written, thoughtful article, Nancy. I completely agree with you. It’s hard to believe that otherwise intelligent, thoughtful people could be so blind on issues associated with Israel. In particular, I’m dismayed by the Obama Administration’s attitude and policies toward Israel and the Middle East in general.

    There’s nothing new in the anti-Israel and anti-semitic views and actions of the UN, some people in Europe, and most people in the Middle East area. What’s really depressing is the number of people in the U.S. who agree with them. There’s no question that the goal of Arabs and other Muslims in the region is the destruction of Israel; they’ve said it themselves, over and over again. No one should doubt that killing every Jew in Israel (and wherever else) would be part of the equation if they could get away with it. To the extent that the U.S. turns its back on Israel and supports its enemies, we contribute to that potential cataclysm. If left without the support of the U.S. and other democracies, Israel will be left to defend itself, alone against the forces determined to destroy it. If necessary, that would include the use of every weapon at their disposal, causing a regional and then probably global conflagration. One wonders why Obama and his key staff can’t see these simple facts.

    On anti-semitism: Is it anti-semitic to criticize specific actions or policies of the Isreaeli government? No, of course not. Is it anti-semitic to turn a blind eye to the certain, existential threat the Jews of Israel face every day? Yes, because by doing so one at least passively acquiesces in the murderous plans of their enemies. (Some of whom, by the way, are also sworn enemies of the U.S.)

  3. d |

    I just find it so hard to believe people still hold on to their hatred for the jews or anyone,as a people. Individual hatred,now that’s another thing,some individuals deserve hatred. The signs show hatred for Jews because of Jesus, don’t these people even read their Bible? No hatred allowed,only forgivness,even Jesus forgave the Jews. Their are plenty of religions that do not believe in Jesus, as the son of God. I am christian,but do not see the point of hating other religions, or preferences, for their Gods. The Bible said, there will always be wars in the middle east,but why are we allowing our administration to turn on our allies? Seems we all just sit by and watch,and gripe about the Gov.,but when it comes down to it,we will all be responsible for the obliteration of Israel. We need to figure out a way to change the direction of the administration,by voting,I guess. I did not know this administration was gonna turn on Israel,why,are they? The reasons need to be uncovered.

  4. Brianna |

    Good article.

    I’ve been following a lot of this, and I tried to tell a friend of mine about it a while back. I didn’t have as much evidence to back me up then, and I don’t think he believed me.

  5. Aearlath |

    Hatred of the Jews is indeed puzzling. Not long ago I had a conversation with a European that was entirely against Israel’s existence. (Yes, I know talking with someone like that is usually a waste of time but I was curious. Or was it bored? :-D) I took the tactic of asking what the proper course of action would be if Israel didn’t exist. Curiously this took the fellow back a bit and he had to think about it. (Also curious is how upset he got just from a simple question.) His final suggestion was they should be given land in Germany. When I pointed out the fact that the Jews were slaughtered in said country he finally blew up and said maybe they should all die. Yeah. Lotsa love there. The funniest (or sad) thing of all? According to him, he hadn’t even met a single Jew in his life. Where does this insane hatred for Jews come from?

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