Choosing Homosexuality

August 2nd, 2010

By Nancy Morgan

Neal Boortz claimed last week that a person’s sexuality is “ordained in the womb.” Meaning homosexuality, as Boortz sees it, is not a choice. Though I usually agree with Boortz, I beg to differ. In today’s culture, homosexuality is increasingly being presented as a lifestyle option.

Science has yet to determine if there is such a thing as a “gay gene” which predetermines sexual orientation. Lacking definitive proof of hard-wired homosexuality, the left does what it usually does in situations where the facts don’t coincide with their ideology: they “deem” it is so. Just as they did with the “man-made global warming crisis” and the canard that second-hand smoke causes cancer.

Many Americans would be shocked to know that, to date, no scientific link has been proven between man and global warming, or between second-hand smokers and cancer. And no-one has found the elusive “gay gene.” The left has merely deemed that it is so, despite the lack of hard evidence. That’s the way they passed this years’ budget. Dems didn’t want to go on record voting for yet more pork, so the powers that be decided to forego the vote and “deem” the budget passed.

Dan Rather crystallized this leftist tactic when he was caught relying on falsified documents regarding George Bush’s war record. Rather declared that the documents were “fake, but accurate.” This mind set of believing whatever comports with one’s ideology despite facts to the contrary has spread throughout the culture and has become an accepted practice on the left. Hey, even if there is no proof, it’s true. So there. And if you don’t agree, you’re a racist homophobe. End of discussion.

Twenty years of promoting homosexuality, under the guise of “tolerance” has resulted in legitimizing what used to be officially labeled an aberrant lifestyle. For today’s children, being gay is a choice. It is an extension of the cult of “empowerment” that teaches kids that they have the right to define their own reality – and the right to sleep with whomever they choose, regardless of gender.

The celebration of homosexuality by the political and media elite is constant. Popular shows like “Law and Order” routinely have well-known characters parrot the unproven “gay-gene” theory as fact. CBS’s management, in order to maintain their politically correct credentials, have just agreed to include more gay characters on their shows.

Being gay is now considered “cutting edge.” Young girls routinely swap spit as a way to show how with it they are. Young boys are being encouraged to not only tolerate the gay lifestyle, but to accept it as a legitimate lifestyle option.

For celebrities and celebrity wannabes, coming out of the closet is a great way to achieve a quick 15 minutes of fame – and gain instant cachet.

So to you, Neal Boortz, I say that being homosexual in America today is most definitely a choice. It is a choice that has dire ramifications for the future of America. And for the poor kids who are being used as pawns in the progressive’s war on tradition, marriage, God, and family.

(This article was also posted at Right Bias.)

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10 Responses to “Choosing Homosexuality”

  1. larry ennis |

    Homosexuality like race is the liberal equivalent of a mental baseball bat used to enlighten any non-liberal thinkers.

  2. d |

    I just wonder why homosexuals scare conservatives so much. I do not think it is a choice but a biological mistake and an ingrained, predetermined, overwhelming personality and sexuality. I can not even imagine anyone, ever choosing to be gay. What an absurd idea, you have to be crazy to think a person would sit down and say, hmmm, today I think i will improve my life and become gay. How proud my folks will be, how wonderful my life will be, gee, why didn’t I make this decision years ago?

  3. Nancy Morgan |

    Why do leftists assume homosexuality “scares” conservatives?? I’m not threatened by gays, but I do resent them having the bad manners to flaunt their sexual habits in my face. That’s just rude! And its none of my business. Scared? Get real…

  4. d |

    Soo,they aren’t allowed to be together or show any kind of affection toward each other,because it will bother you. Pretty sure they aren’t shouting we are gay,at the top of their lungs, to you. It is none of your business,you get real,and leave them alone,they are not forcing you to be gay or anyone else.

  5. Tom Carter |

    The illogical charge that some people are scared refers, I think, to some crackpot idea that the only reason one could express a negative opinion is out of fear of one’s own secret inclinations. The vast majority of people (including almost everyone) who disapprove of the gay lifestyle don’t feel in the least threatened, I’m sure.

    Personally, I don’t much care about it one way or the other. Those who are gay have a hard time in life, and I have sympathy for them. As for young, immature people who take up the lifestyle to be cool, to get back at their parents, or whatever, they will eventually grow up. However, I don’t want the lifestyle shoved in my face (or in children’s faces in schools) any more than I want the same kind of absurd behavior from heterosexuals.

    It’s true that no one has established scientific facts about the cause of homosexuality (aside from those who adopt the lifestyle for childish social reasons). Common sense and life experience indicate that some people are born gay, while others adopt it in a serious sense as a matter of choice. In any case, if we would stop making such a big deal of it everyone would be better off.

  6. Tom Carter |

    Doris, seems you’ve managed to miss the point. No one said gay people can’t be together or show affection for each other. But the lifestyle is, in fact, very much “in your face.” TV, movies, parades, celebrations … everywhere, and far out of proportion to the number of people who are actually gay. Like I’ve said before, I don’t care what people do in their private lives or with whom they do it; I just don’t want or need the details. And I don’t like the fact that it’s all become so political. We have more important things to worry about.

  7. Nancy Morgan |

    Ditto. Well put

  8. d |

    We do have more important things to worry about,so why do so many conservatives spend so much time and energy, worrying about it? I do not think I missed the point,the point is,that Ms. Morgan is threatened by gays and believes gays are trying to train our kids to be gay. I am appalled that you,Tom,believe that anyone choses to be gay, to shock their parents or to be cool. I think you two don’t really know much about gays or being gay. It is not a choice,can either of you tell us that you have ever known anyone,who chose to be gay. I mean,just woke up one day,and said,hmmm,think I’ll be gay,just to shock and and because it is so cool? Ridiculous.

  9. Brianna |

    “I am appalled that you, Tom, believe that anyone choses to be gay, to shock their parents or to be cool.”

    Well, they don’t choose to be gay, because they can’t choose to be gay, because being gay isn’t a choice. Remember?

    More seriously, I would be more shocked if there WEREN’T a few teens out there engaging in “deviant sexual behavior” as a way to shock people. It’s a controversial social issue (even if we do all wish it would just go away) and part of a teenager’s unwritten job description is to test the social norms.

  10. d |

    You really think they tell their parents about their sexual exploits,you don’t have children,do you?

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