The Dog Days of August

August 1st, 2010

By Tom Carter

Proving that August weather has ever been unpleasant, this August 1, 1856 observation quoted at The Blog of Henry David Thoreau:

Since July 30th, inclusive, we have had perfect dog-days without interruption. The earth has suddenly [become] invested with a thick musty mist. The sky has become a mere fungus. A thick blue musty veil of mist is drawn before the sun. The sun has not been visible, except for a moment or two once or twice a day, all this time, nor the stars by night. Moisture reigns. You cannot dry a napkin at the window, nor press flowers without their mildewing. You imbibe so much moisture from the atmosphere that you are not so thirsty, nor is bathing so grateful as a week ago. The burning heat is tempered, but as you lose sight of the sky and imbibe the musty, misty air, you exist as a vegetable, a fungus.

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7 Responses to “The Dog Days of August”

  1. d |

    Seems it’s been like that here since July first,lord help us through August. I did hear that it was hotter all over this year,than before. I suppose you are still trying to disprove global warming,that old tired lament. I thought by now,everyone knew it existed,even conservatives.

  2. Tom Carter |

    I’m not trying to disprove global warming. Liberals love it, for some odd reason, and conservatives claim that “it ain’t no such thang.” I don’t doubt that Earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling, as the historical record proves. The truth is that science has not yet proven that humans are causing a significant part of current warming, and it hasn’t proven that the sky is falling and we’re all doomed.

    The reason Thoreau’s observation is interesting is because it shows one man’s reaction to August weather a century and a half ago — it sucked then, as it does now.

  3. Brianna |

    “I suppose you are still trying to disprove global warming,that old tired lament.”

    Y’know, if conservatives are not allowed to claim that an unusually cold winter disproves global warming, then logically liberals should not be allowed to claim that an unusually warm summer is proof of global warming, either.

  4. d |

    An unusually cold winter proves global warming,duh,look it up.

  5. Brianna |

    Yes, an unusually cold winter proves global warming. And an unusually warm winter proves global warming. And an unusually cold or warm summer, spring, or fall would doubtless all prove global warming as well.

    Just out of curiosity, is there any global weather pattern which the warmists will agree does NOT prove global warming?

  6. Lisa |

    I do not know but the Crape Myrtles look really good this year!

  7. Tom Carter |

    I’ve heard people refer to Crape Myrtles for years, but I wouldn’t know one from a petunia. The only flowers and bushes I know are roses (for obvious reasons), marigolds because I’ve planted them and Everett Dirksen loved them, and boxwoods because I had to plant those dumb things, too.

    Anyway, I’m happy they’re looking good!

    I didn’t quote Thoreau because of global warming, but I guess we can’t escape the debate. I just thought it was interesting to see what the weather was like on that day so long ago.

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