Interviews from the Rally

September 6th, 2010

By Tom Carter

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9 Responses to “Interviews from the Rally”

  1. d |

    No comment.Tom? What a bunch of ignorant bigots. Great rally. Notice anything? No blacks,hispanics,no orientals,only whites,hmmm. I am sure all you guys will say that means nothing. They don’t even know what is going on,they need to get off the Google.

  2. Tom Carter |

    Didn’t seem to me that any additional commentary to the video was necessary. But you need to be careful about taking it completely at face value. There were, in fact, blacks and other minorities at the rally, just like there were people who weren’t so ignorant and were more capable of explaining themselves.

    The interviewer, producer, or editor (or all of them) selected the interviewees and the specific interviews they would use. However, the interviewer asked reasonable, intelligent questions to which he mostly received ignorant answers. From what I’ve heard and read, quite frankly, the people he talked to were pretty representative of Glenn Beck’s following.

    The least informed person interviewed has exactly one vote, and it’s worth exactly as much as anyone else’s vote. Depressing, huh?

  3. Brian |

    It’s a pity that they didn’t show people like Brianna or myself. Surely there were a bunch like that out of a crowd of 100K+.

    Doris, dismissing their points because they are “bigots” is as low-brow as what you are accusing them of doing because it isn’t an argument at all.

    The day is coming, quite soon I hope, that charges of “bigot” and “racist” will be shrugged off like a dirty shirt. It has been used with such frequency and in so many cases where it doesn’t apply that the terms are losing meaning.

    People will only respond to the little boy crying “wolf” for so long.

  4. Lisa |

    It is naive to believe that these select interviewees are indicative of the crowd demographics.

  5. Tom Carter |

    This video doesn’t substantiate charges of bigotry or racism; I didn’t hear anything that would justify that. What I did hear was a whole lot of ignorance, and it’s the same kind of stuff that’s so common on the internet, in chain e-mail messages, and so evident in polls and studies.

    The problem isn’t exclusively on the right; it’s on the left, too. Here are a couple of examples: video and video. Most Obama voters are better informed than the ones in the second interview, no doubt, but the problem is big enough to be troublesome.

  6. d |

    Brian,sorry,but it only seems to be white people who are sick of that word,or who think it has lost it’s meaning. Seems only the folks who are called bigots and racists, think it is non-existant.

  7. Brian |

    Doris, I’d beg to differ. Read anything at all written by Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams on racial matters. They’re both black and call this for the same BS that we racist crackers do.

    Just because a black man calls “racism” doesn’t make it so.

  8. d |

    Just because a white man says it’s not racism,doesn’t mean it is so. Don’t lump me in with that, “we”racist crackers. Speak for your own racist self.

  9. Tom Carter |

    The video as a whole and the individual interviews indicate nothing at all about racism or bigotry. The problem is ignorance among voters (on both sides). That’s what the video illustrates.

    Why do charges and counter-charges about racism have to intrude into almost every political discussion these days?

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