Obama Is Not Telling The Truth

September 10th, 2010

By Nancy Morgan

Obama is increasingly resembling the errant husband, who, when caught in bed with another woman by his wife blandly asserts, “What woman? Who are you going to believe – me or the evidence of your own eyes?”

Obama is asking Americans to ignore the evidence of their own eyes and believe him. After all, he is the President of the United States, which implies honor, integrity, and character. Or used to.

Calling the president a liar is a serious charge. But either Obama is lying to America or he is seriously misinformed, which is even scarier.

With a straight face, President Obama recently stated, “I am seriously committed to fiscal responsibility.” Hey, maybe the left redefined fiscal responsibility while I was asleep last night, but Obama’s claim just doesn’t accord with reality. Obama has added more to our national debt than all U.S. presidents from Washington through Reagan — combined. And is in the process of adding another $50 billion that we don’t have, as you read this.

Adding insult to injury, Obama then went on to say, “I believe government should be lean; government should be efficient. I believe government should leave people free to make the choices they think are best…”

That statement is at serious odds with Obama’s actions. In Obama’s 19 months in office, the government, under his direction, has taken over the auto industry, the banking industry, the health care-industry, the student loan industry,etc. This means that the government will be making the choices consumers used to make. (Can you spell Chevy Volt?) How in the world does this equate with lean government and more consumer choice?

Obama promised consumers that they would be able to keep their own doctor under his health-care overhaul. Oops. He mis-spoke. Obama promised that ObamaCare would reduce health care costs. Oops Wrong again. A new government report just confirmed what most regular people knew all along: The nation’s health care tab will go up — not down — as a result of ObamaCare. Insurers plan to raise premiums on some Americans as a direct result of the health overhaul as soon as next month.

The president of the United States is either lying or suffering a severe case of cognitive dissonance.

And he is not alone. More and more of our public servants are severely undermining trust in government by making bald statements that have no basis in truth. Case in point: Harry Reid stated yesterday that he “had nothing to do with” the bad economy. Hmm… Inquiring minds want to know, well then whose fault is it? Answer: George Bush’s. Adding insult to injury, Reid fully expects us to believe him.

Outright falsehoods by our elected officials are so numerous as to become the norm. People joke that, “You know a politician is lying when his lips move.” Ha, ha.

Maybe this behavior is the norm inside the beltway, especially since the media and fact-checkers are mostly absent. But for the majority of Americans, a lie is a lie. And just because most politicians lie, does not make it right.

We the people have the right to enough information to make informed decisions. And we’re not getting it. Instead, we’re getting false information. Remember Barney Frank telling America that Fannie Mae was in good shape, just before it crashed, taking down our economy with it? If Frank were in the private sector, he could be criminally liable.

Obama is doing the exact same thing. As our economy continues to sink, Obama is out on the stump touting “Recovery Summer.” And because he is the president, millions of Americans will take him at his word. To their detriment.

Here’s a newsflash. The economy is not recovering. The U.S. Federal Reserve reports “widespread signs” that the economic recovery is slowing and economic growth for the rest of this year and next was revised down for a third month in a row by a panel of about 50 economists. My question is, what recovery?
In a court of law, being caught lying just once is enough to call into question the whole of a person’s testimony. In the court of public opinion, lying is just another political tactic. Yawn.

By not calling a spade a spade, the media is complicit is enabling the torrent of untruths that daily issue forth from our leaders. By blindly accepting what Obama says, Americans are enabling him. Enabling a man who is deliberately telling us that black is white and if we don’t believe him then we are racists, homophobic, stupid, or Republican meanies. This is not acceptable.

I do not trust Obama. And I will continue to point out why my fellow Americans shouldn’t trust him either. He has broken faith with us too many times. And for that, I believe he is not fit to govern us.

(This article was also posted at Right Bias.)

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7 Responses to “Obama Is Not Telling The Truth”

  1. d |

    If you think Obama is unfit to govern because you don’t trust him, well, hate to be the one to break it to you, you can’t trust any politician. If you could trust them, they wouldn’t be politicians, they’d be used car salesmen.:-\

    So, you trusted Bush? Remember, The war is over, we won? So, you trust Clinton, I did not have **$#&%@ relations with that woman? Hmm, do you see a pattern?

    The budget was on it’s way to humungous when Obama took over, granted he is a big spender, but not entirely to blame.

  2. Brian |

    The budget was on it’s way to humungous when Obama took over, granted he is a big spender, but not entirely to blame.

    Did the pen that was in his hand when this monstrosity was enacted into law magically affix Obama’s signature to the paper? Do you realize that the stimulus pork signed into law by this president in just 19 months is more than twice as much as what we’ve spent on prosecuting the war in Iraq since 2003?

  3. Dan Miller |

    I don’t particularly claim its relevance, but P.J. O’Rourke noted in Parliament of Whores that politicians like people. However, that’s not necessarily a virtue: fleas like dogs.

  4. Tom Carter |

    Nancy, you say that “Obama is lying to America or he is seriously misinformed.” I don’t think either of those is true, any more than I thought Bush was lying about WMDs in Iraq. Politicians, including presidents, are like anyone else — they phrase things in ways that are most positive from their point of view, they sometimes get bad advice and inaccurate information from their staffs and advisors, and their statements are informed by their beliefs. Have presidents ever outright lied to the public? Yes, of course, but usually on something trivial and personal, e.g., Bill about Monica.

    The problem you and most conservatives have with Obama is you don’t agree with his ideology, his political agenda, or his worldview. The solution is not to brand him a liar but to oppose his agenda and ultimately vote him out of office.

  5. Nancy Morgan |


    When a man has a habit of outright lying – I am less inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. Obama ‘mis-speaks’ at least 3 times a week. If I believed him, I would be as stupid as he thinks I am.

    Back in 08, Obama outright lied about his father, indicating that he has no qualms about lying for political gain.
    see article:
    Obama Lied About His Father’s Service
    In a 2008 campaign speech, Obama says his father served in WWII. Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was 5 years old when WWII started, and less than 9.5 years old when it ended.

  6. Tom Carter |

    Accusing Obama of lying like this isn’t true or fair. In the video you linked to, he was clearly referring to his grandfather (his mother’s father) who did serve during WWII. In the same video, he notes that when he came back from the war he received the benefits he was entitled to, and that reference couldn’t have been to his father. The “father” part of the speech was simply a misstatement, something that happens to everyone. When someone makes as many public statements as a president does, that’s going to happen now and then.

    I’m not defending Obama’s politics or policies. I’m simply saying that it isn’t right to accuse him of being a liar any more than it was right for those on the left to call Bush a liar every time he opened his mouth. The problem is that you disagree with him.

    As far as “giving the benefit of the doubt” is concerned, I’m always willing to do that with any president because I know how incredibly difficult the job is and I respect the presidency no matter who is in the office.

  7. d |

    His grandfather raised him, therefore, he thinks of him as his father, I bet.

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