What (Conservative) Women Want

February 14th, 2011

By Nancy Morgan

In the news recently was a story about a workshop being held for guys, to show them how to release their inner child. Step one: learn how to cry. Reading that article made me cry, from sheer frustration.

Listen up, guys. Despite what you hear from feminists and other assorted do-gooders, the majority of women most assuredly don’t want to see you break down and cry.

As a longtime single gal, I claim a little expertise in this matter. Tears are not what women want from you. You’ve been rooked by all the touchy-feely so-called “experts” who seem intent on turning a whole generation of men into metrosexuals — teaching you to be sensitive and let your inner child reign. Yuk and gag.

Women want from men what we’ve wanted since time began. A strong protector, or the illusion thereof. A man who will treat a gal like a delicate flower, even if she isn’t. A man who opens doors and brings flowers. A strong man.

A man who radiates strength and confidence will beat out a metrosexual brimming with sensitivity any day of the week. At least with conservative women. Truth.

Please, keep your tears to yourself. At least until you ascertain for sure that your woman is turned on by tears. Some are…go figure. But most of us females on the right experience a shudder when a man reveals his weaknesses before we’re sure of his strengths.

Here’s another heads-up. Hold the nail polish and hairspray. Toupees also. I know, I know. Most men are overly sensitive about two things — their hair being one of them. Take it from me, men, most women can spot a toupee and/or hair transplant a mile away (think Joe Biden). Instead of signaling virility, as you intend, it signals vanity and weakness. It signals that you place too much reliance on your looks. God made personal vanity pretty much the province of the female of the species for a reason.

Men are more visual than are women. Most (conservative) women understand that. We know looks are important to you. But please don’t make the mistake of thinking women place the same reliance on your looks as you do on theirs. When choosing a man, most women have five or six priorities that place higher than your looks. Concentrate on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

Here’s another tip: If you want to be attractive to the female sex, please don’t attend any sensitivity training or heed any advice from leftist women’s groups who claim to speak for all women. They don’t.

Example: Nothing is more off-putting to a woman than a man stopping in the middle of a “moment” and asking if he has permission to proceed to the next step. That is a clear indication that you have bought into feminist idiocy instead of having the confidence to decide for yourself what the “moment” requires. This may work with liberal babes (is that an oxymoron?), but right-thinking women yearn for you to take charge.

Just do what comes natural — rely on body language. Eighty percent of communication is non-verbal. Which is why tears issuing forth from a man are such a turnoff. At least to conservative women.

Protect us, adore us, chase after us, but please, please don’t think a big boo-hoo is going to do the trick. If you’re unsure of what we want, just keep your mouth shut awhile. Most women will tell you what they want, sooner rather than later. Better to be thought of as wise and mysterious than as a weak sap.

Last but not least: Women want you to explore their “inner child,” not your own. The same holds true for naval gazing.

Take charge, guys. Wear the pants. Don’t be afraid to play the role God assigned you. Most women understand how hard it is for you to risk rejection. And we know that being stuck with paying the tab isn’t fair. But even though leftists think they can mandate “equality,” we also know that life just isn’t fair. Get used to it. And if you’re interested in a conservative gal, please, hold the hankies.

(This article was first published in American Thinker and was also posted at Right Bias.)

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2 Responses to “What (Conservative) Women Want”

  1. Clarissa |

    There are several billion women on this planet. Trying to generalize about what all women or all men want is nothing but silly. Even if you try to simplify the whole thing by breaking up all those women into leftist and rightist, the resulting groups are still too huge for any generalizations to be made.

    I recognize that many women want the kind of men you describe. I also know many women (including myself) who’d rather be celibate forever than be in the same room with the kind of guy you describe. And such preferences have nothing to do with anybody’s political convictions.

    Why not just stick to saying, ‘This is what I prefer in my personal life’ instead of trying to offer advice to people based on your very individual preferences? Why this desire to control personal lives of others? 9That’s a rhetorical question. I know that conservatives are passionately dedicated to the idea of controlling other people’s personal lives.)

  2. Tom Carter |

    Clarissa, you’re right that generalizing is a bit dangerous. However, I think Nancy is talking about today’s foppish, metrosexualized, pseudo-male so favored in some quarters. I’ve heard many other women express the same sentiments. That’s not to say that they prefer a knuckle-dragging brute.

    The idea of a group of men sitting together in a circle and learning how to cry strikes me as the height of stupidity. There’s nothing at all wrong with men shedding tears when they’re overcome with emotion; others have the same feelings and don’t cry. It’s an individual thing. Learning and practicing how to do it is something else.

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