Blither, Dither, Little Guy

March 19th, 2011

By Dan Miller

Never previously having attempted to write poetry, here is my first effort. It should probably also be my last.

Blither, dither, little guy,
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky.
That you know best
I can attest and
Have no wish to be a pest.
Play some golf, go and party.
Do it well and please be hearty.
Rio’s great this time of year,
So go and drink some yummy beer.
It’s a great big treat, don’t be a jerk.
When you come back there’s time for work.

(This poem was also posted at The PJ Tatler.)

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3 Responses to “Blither, Dither, Little Guy”

  1. Tom Carter |

    A noble first effort! And, as usual, I agree with you.

    I guess the President is showing what it means to receive the Nobel Peace Prize anticipatoriously. When it’s time to take military action, and it can’t be claimed to be an inheritance from Bush, you blither, dither, delay, talk about basketball, fly off to Rio, refuse to see your Secretary of State, etc. Then nobody can ever try to take that Nobel away from you because you made it clear you didn’t want no war no more.

  2. larry ennis |

    My oh my what a difference a couple of years can make. The American people are starting to see that they were had. As for me, I tried to warn as many as I could. Obama has not one attribute that qualifies him to be President. He is a talented campaigner but nothing more.
    Dan, your poetry is what more learned folks would call quaint. Us less learned would say it sounds like another poem we’ve heard. Be not disheartened, your attempt at writing a poem is much better than Obama’s attempt to be President.

  3. Dan Miller |

    Alas, we misunderstand President Obama because we have never walked even a mile in his shoes. We therefore lack his monumental openness, reserve, humility, truthfulness and audacity. We can only hope, someday, to ascend to the great heights to which he has already risen unassisted. We will never be able to do as well as President Obama has but we must at least try.

    “The first time around it’s like lightning in a bottle. There’s something special about it, because you’re defying the odds. And as time passes, you start taking it for granted that a guy named Barack Hussein Obama is president of the United States,” Obama said. “But we should never take it for granted.”

    “I hope that all of you still feel that sense of excitement and that sense of possibility, because we still have so much more to do.”

    How many others would have the courage to say such things? No, el Presidente Chavez doesn’t count.

    We must confess shame at our failures and recognize that he is truly great: with only two+ years in office, he is already the world leader others could only hope in their future lives to emulate. They, instead of muddling about ignorantly and without interest in world affairs, should sit at the foot of his throne and simply watch our President Obama in action. Even though embarrassed by their adulation, he would accept it with his customary grace and humility.

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