“ObamaCare” Is Offensive to President Obama’s Friends

March 5th, 2011

By Dan Miller

I sent a friend a link to my recent article on Judge Kessler’s decision equating the making of a decision not to buy ObamaInsurance with activity in commerce. A “liberal,” his response was, “I wish you would not use the term Obamacare and Obasmainsurance [sic]. It’s offensive and derogatory.” At least he did not suggest that the usage was racist; perhaps next time.

That made me wonder why the terms are considered offensive and derogatory. True, I sometimes use them to tweak my “liberal” friends’ noses.  However, ObamaCare and its indispensable component, ObamaInsurance, were pretty high on the list of President Obama’s signature accomplishments and I don’t know why those who like him and the wonders he hath wrought should be offended by the usage or consider it derogatory. Why aren’t they pleased and why don’t they consider them complimentary? I could understand their upset had I used instead “OsamaCare” and “OsamaInsurance,” “ChávezCare” and “ChávezInsurance” or “CastroCare” and “CastroInsurance,” but I didn’t.  Perhaps being easily offended is the easiest way to attempt to make points without having any. Or, maybe this is a better explanation: “it’s only because the law is now such a heavy albatross politically for the left that the mere act of reminding voters of its provenance feels like a low blow.  Pathetic.”

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3 Responses to ““ObamaCare” Is Offensive to President Obama’s Friends”

  1. Tom Carter |

    Interesting that the same people who love the term “teabagger,” which is much more derogatory, can’t stand the term “ObamaCare.” I’ll admit that it may be offensive, especially to Democrats who have this particular albatross hung around their necks.

  2. Dan Miller |

    Dead albatrosses do take on a foul odor and are a bit heavy to carry around indefinitely.

  3. Tom Carter |

    Come November 2012 we may see a number of Democrats who are ready to rid themselves of the stinky birds. Of course, Obama’s ducking and dodging so much these days that he may soon say he knew nothing about that darned health care bill…even though Joe the Biden said it was a big (something) deal.

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