President Obama Changes His Name

April 20th, 2011

By Dan Miller

Transparency in Government...Shhh....Although not widely reported, President Obama has finally changed his name to Barrack T. Obama. The “T” is for Transparent, more au courant than the previously used “H” standing for Humble. This happened during an undisclosed ceremony held across the street from the White House shortly after BTO received a major transparency award from the open government community in late March. With characteristic humility, BTO accepted the coveted transparency award “in a closed, undisclosed meeting at the White House.”

In keeping with having put “into place the toughest ethics laws of any Administration in history [pause] in history,” BTO is doing his very best to ensure true governmental transparency and is thereby leading the way to a smaller and more efficient federal government.  An historic first, BTO is even letting the little people know about all important White House visitors (except for a few insignificant visitors such as lobbyists as well as others met across the street and hence not logged in at the White House).

It has therefore become entirely appropriate to limit any ethics or other investigations of his supporters such as the SEIU and to ensure that those conducting any investigations will know where not to look. This will reduce the potential for wasteful Department of Justice and other federal efforts to conceal any lack of corruption and wrongly alleged lack of transparency of which, of course, there is none. Looking for that sort of thing will now be like looking for a black cat in a dark closet that isn’t there, as all right thinking people who know how to be the masters of their own words understand.

See also this and this.

(This article was also posted at The PJ Tatler.)

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3 Responses to “President Obama Changes His Name”

  1. Tom Carter |

    Quotes from the video:

    “This is the first administration since the founding of the country where all of you can find out who visits the White House…first time in history.”

    “…to rein in exploding deficits that we’ve been accumulating not just last year but for the last 10.”

    There are only a few possibilities here: The President is a compulsive liar, he’s just another cynical politician who has no moral underpinnings, or he’s so detached from reality that he has no idea what’s happening around him. President Bush II told untruths, but at least he had the advantage of not being the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. President Clinton lied blatantly about diddling uglies with an intern, but for him that was all second nature. Obama is a smart guy who doesn’t have to lie about his personal behavior, and that makes his prevarications all the worse.

  2. Lisa |

    Every speech Barack “T” Obama has ever given has been a campaign speech written by a speechwriter to further Obama’s political goals. There has never been ANY intent to further the goals of the country or its people. Once everyone understands this, we don’t need to further analyze Obama’s intelligence, trustworthiness or anything else. I just wish everyone could see through the transparency.

  3. larry ennis |

    Better watch it people, your starting to sound like low grade trailer trash. Only uneducated rednecks doubt this President. All people of “letters” understand the true genius of this God like son of Kenya.
    The very thought that the country was sold out so Obama could be President sickens me.

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