Time to Declare Victory in Libya?

April 3rd, 2011

By Dan Miller

Libyan RebelOn April 3rd, the United States will cease most Libya related kinetic military action unless somebody in NATO asks for more. It has not yet been decided whether to supply arms to the rebels there. They may have depleted their supplies by shooting into the air; they were either celebrating something, made a big mistake or Colonel Gaddafi’s supporters were involved. Apparently several rebels (i.e., civilians) were killed in NATO airstrikes in consequence.

In any event, now it’s time for President Obama to declare victory, get us out and have a ticker tape parade in celebration (with no machine gun fire, of course) of the success brought through his prudent and wise leadership. No more congressional approval is needed for that, obviously, than was needed to get in.

(This article was also posted at The PJ Tatler.)

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One Response to “Time to Declare Victory in Libya?”

  1. Tom Carter |

    Very good idea — declare victory and get out of this. Who can argue? We don’t know what “victory” means anyway.

    With more and more evidence of al Qaeda presence among the rebels, leaving Gaddafi in place might actually prove to be a victory, in fact.

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