Gaddafi Is Our Ally and Friend, Not Our Enemy

June 26th, 2011

by John H.M. Smith

Muammar GaddafiThis is an urgent appeal for saving Gaddafi’s life.

Since 2004 Gaddafi has actually defected to the West, compensating all Lockerbie victims’ families and genuinely giving up all his WMD.  He also confessed his nuclear providers, i.e., North Korea and China; that’s why China didn’t veto U.N. sanctions.

When Gaddafi was young, he, like most youth in North Africa, the Middle East, and China, hated the West.  It was due to childhood brainwashing; there’s no way for people to grow up in that environment and not to hate the West.  Only when they become older and more mentally mature do they change their attitude from anti-West to pro-West.  Gaddafi had just changed his mind and begun to take on Muslin extremists before foolish NATO suddenly turned on him.

From Bosnia to Libya, the West has been actually helping enemies kill friends.  After the Cold War, when people in other places began to appreciate Western civilization, Western people themselves began to despise it and to give way to cheap “Muslin crybaby” sentiments.

The Great Western Civilization had turned once worst enemies (e.g., Russia, Gaddafi, etc.) into best friends, but foolish NATO and Bill Clinton and Obama turned them back to enemies again.

Gaddafi has lost everything and may soon lose his life, not because of his bad behavior in his early age, but because he later trusted America too much.  Only Iran, North Korea, and China know that to be the West’s enemy is more beneficial and safer than to be its friend.  China, the most insidious, never speaks out directly against the West, only secretly brainwashes their children to hate the West and the U.S.  So nowadays, Americans are happily buying Chinese products despite the fact that some of those 90,000 Americans who died in Vietnam and Korea were actually killed by Chinese.  (By the way, because those American soldiers who died in Korea had a U.N. mandate, later the U.S. granted China permanent membership on the U.N. Security Council as a reward for its killing of so many U.N. and U.S. soldiers.  How ridiculous!)

If the U.S. and NATO are bombing Libya because it killed its own people, then how about China?  Chinese governments have been killing their own people for thousands of years and the current one has killed tens of millions.

No one cares about U.N. resolutions or countries’ sovereignty — those are the left’s excuses — but people do care about justice.  If the U.S. or NATO killed Gaddafi in the 1980s or 1990s, people around the world would have supported it.  But if we do so in 2011, the timing will be bad.  He’s been no threat to us since 2004.

Western people and leaders lack basic knowledge on human psychology; they have very high IQ and relatively low EQ [Emotional Quotient].  That’s why having contributed so much to human civilization which benefits every human being on earth, we still get hated everywhere.  Unlike Western people’s logical, rational thinking, Eastern ones’ perception is more emotional, subjective, and holistic.

When China’s Mao killed millions of ordinary people, the surviving ones thanked him for not killing them and became more loyal to him; when NATO is going to kill Gaddafi, everyone is scared and angry because Gaddafi’s image has long been an international sensation.  Of course there are people who hate him, but by killing him you can’t get Gaddafi-haters loving you, since Gaddafi-haters fear someday NATO might turn on them as well because no one can really follow Western ideal moral standards in Eastern countries.  Gaddafi-lovers, of course, will be guaranteed to hate you.  While China’s Mao killed millions of the previous government’s followers, he preserved the top leaders’ lives to show to the public his “mercy” and glorified top defectors for propaganda purposes.

After September 11, Taliban leader Mullah Omar had a good chance to save his government by handing over Osama Bin Laden to the U.S.; many Westerners couldn’t understand why he refused to do so.  Only Eastern people understand him. In Eastern society people normally don’t help each other unless among friends; only their friends can help them when they’re in trouble, and because of this, betraying a friend is utterly despicable and immoral, regardless how bad a person the friend is.  (And regarding Gaddafi’s frozen money in EU and U.S. banks, Eastern people see it as unethical and as betraying a friend; from Eastern people’s viewpoint, people putting money in your bank is because they trust you.  You have no right to take advantage of their trust in you by turning against them.)

Comparing Mullah Omar with the friend-selling President Jimmy Carter and enemy-appeasing President Obama, you know why so many Taliban followers would like to die for Omar but no one in the world would like to die for America. Also comparing defector-lover Mao with defector-declining Western leaders, you know the future belongs to China.  While the West has never learned Chinese wisdom, China can always copy Western Civilization, and in the digital age China is only several clicks away from any newly invented Western technology.  That’s why the U.S. has so many scientists and China has so many hackers — they match!

NATO and Western leaders seem to believe the reason why a country hasn’t had a democracy is because its top leader prevents it.  If we can kill these dictators one by one, their countries will move to democracy one by one.  But the fact of the matter is, in Eastern society the group of people that favors autocracy most are grassroots, lower-class people.  The ones who favor democracy most are the intellectuals and upper class families that send their children to Western countries, among which is Gaddafi’s family.  In fact, throughout history, every revolution in these countries ends up with a more brutal regime.  Moreover, Iran, Lebanon, and Gaza have proved that Islamic grassroots rebellions are the real enemy of democracy.  Gaddafi is not.

Many Westerners, especially the conservatives, like to think everything on one side is evil and the other virginal.  They like to apply some simple formula such as “Dictator oppresses; people rise up.”  It is right in many cases, but in this case, the Libyan crisis is not so much oppression vs. rebellion but mostly an internal power struggle between African and Arab tribes.  Under Gaddafi’s rule Libya is a secular moderate state with a loosely controlled government and a weak army; that’s why those poorly armed rebels could take control of many Libyan cities in a few days at the beginning of the uprising.

After all, it’s the rebels who first took up guns against the Gaddafi people, and the rebels have also killed their own people, since Gaddafi and his supporters are also Libyan people.  When facing an armed uprising, as a nation’s top leader it’s his duty to use every means at his disposal to enforce the law.  And when he loses most parts of the country, Gaddafi himself also becomes a rebel, and those former rebels will be guaranteed to kill Gaddafi the rebel and his supporters if possible.

Civil war is indeed a tragedy.  Neither side has any choice other than killing the other one.  But NATO has no right to join the killing by helping one side to kill the other.

No doubt that from day one of the NATO bombing, Gaddafi has had the ability to retaliate against NATO countries with terrorism, but he’s again showed he is an honest man.  He has promised to abandon terrorism, and he’s kept his promise even though he’s nearly been killed by the bombing.

If NATO continues the daily bombardment only because Gaddafi is both too weak and too kind to cause any casualty to them, then this is the last war that the West can win.  In the future, every defense ministry of the world’s regimes will make obtaining the ability to cause NATO casualties a top priority in their daily work.

For those who still hate Gaddafi because of the Berlin disco bombing and Lockerbie, I’d state a single fact: from Africa to the Far East, across two continents, there are about two billion people who hate or dislike the West — that’s nearly two sevenths of the world’s population.  People are not born to hate but brainwashed to hate.  (After all, the West really has nothing to do with their misfortune.)

It just happens that, among this two billion haters, a man called Gaddafi is a country’s top leader and another called Osama was a very rich man. They just happened to have enough power and money to do damage to the U.K. and the U.S.  Any one of those two billion people would do the same if they had the power and money.

But Gaddafi is the only one human being on earth who is willing to reconcile with the West, truly regrets his wrongdoing in the past, and has done everything possible to compensate for it.  And no other of these two billion haters has ever and perhaps will ever reconcile with us.

To kill Gaddafi will bring us nothing but more determined enemies in the future.

“John H.M. Smith” is a pseudonym of the author’s choice.  The author lives “under an Eastern regime” and wishes to remain anonymous.

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6 Responses to “Gaddafi Is Our Ally and Friend, Not Our Enemy”

  1. Clarissa |

    “Unlike Western people’s logical, rational thinking, Eastern ones’ perception is more emotional, subjective, and holistic.”

    -Would you mind giving a link to the scientific studies that determined this? From what I know, there is still no consensus on what constitutes ‘East’ and ‘West’, let alone a scientifically proven division along the lines of rationality versus emotions.

  2. John H.M. Smith |

    It’s a consensus among many scholars of philosophy, psychology, culture and religious studies.
    By Oliver Leaman,Oliver/OliverLeaman-KeyConceptsInEasternPhilosophy.txt
    By Marco van Hout

  3. Tom Carter |

    I agree that defining “West” and “East” is a bit difficult, even though Western thought, politics, and philosophy is pretty clearly understood. But if we’re talking about the Middle East (as we are here), it’s not at all difficult to see the difference between Western thought, ideas, and attitudes and those of people in the ME. The difference is most clearly driven by the pernicious influence of Islam.

    I’ve thought all along that we may be supporting the wrong side in some cases during recent “Arab Spring” conflicts. Granted, it’s difficult for us to remain uninvolved and neutral when there are popular uprisings against authoritarian regimes. But our foreign policy has to be conducted with our national interest as a first priority, and it’s not at all clear that the regimes that will succeed in some countries will be positive from our standpoint. In Egypt, for example, the alternative to Mubarak may well turn out to be another terrorist Islamic regime dedicated to the destruction of Israel and full of hatred for the U.S. and other Western societies.

    I have mixed feelings about Gaddafi. He clearly was an enemy of the first order, for the Berlin disco bombing that killed and wounded U.S. soldiers to the Lockerbie Pan Am bombing. We attempted to kill him in 1986 during the bombing and failed; I wish we had gotten him then. But, the author is right that Gaddafi has been different during the past few years, and we should recognize that. If he’s succeeded by a radical Islamic regime dedicated to terrorism, we may end up wishing Gaddafi were still in power.

  4. John H.M. Smith |

    A top leader is very easy to commit terrible crimes; but he may also be of great help someday;
    An ordinary guy never hurt you; but he might be no help to anyone;
    Like all human beings, leaders are selfish, foolish and sometimes make mistakes.
    When you prosecute one of them, others are watching.
    They watch not because they want justice, rather, they care themselves’ future.
    Political leaders never feel safe, especially those dictators.
    Dictators are not necessarily the enemies of the West.
    If we can treat some of them, who have shown their willingness to change their mind, with mercy, forgiveness, compassion at their most vulnerable time, then the only thing they are going to do in the rest of their life would be to save ten times our people’s lives than they have killed, unless they are not human being, because, this is human nature.
    You save his life when he is trouble; you lose nothing but gain loyalty. People don’t hate you when you save their enemy’s life. Instead, they may try to be your friends as well.
    But when you help A kill B, it’s very risky! You must make sure A is your friend and B is your enemy! This is common sense. But both in Bosnia and Libya, we didn’t follow it, rather, we followed the popular opinions, which are often misleading.
    After all, nobody likes to be friends with someone who doesn’t make a distinction between his enemies and friends.

  5. CONfidence |

    ‘Moreover, Iran, Lebanon, and Gaza have proved that Islamic grassroots rebellions are the real enemy of democracy’

    Hang on a minute! why does every catastrophe have to have Islam as its route cause for destruction? surely you can’t imply religion is playing a part in this particular calamity? why is it when the orphans at church bording schools are abused by the priests that are meant to have their best interest at hearts are brushed under the carpet, commonly they would be made to transfer to another church to keep it on the ‘hush hush’ even though many are known peodophiles!!! the catholic church knows no bounds when it comes to CRB checks i see. Back to the issue of the article, the roots to the unrest is caused by the religion we all follow! MONEY, oil is what the west is after! surely Islam has no relation to the commodity in question!!!

    leads me to believe you are of the majority spreading hatred towards Islam, maybe it is you that has been brainwashed by the dirt the media instils in gullible minds such as yours!

  6. Brian |

    Not all religions are equal, just like not all civilizations are equal.

    I know enough about Islam to condemn it as having more hatred against infidels against them than I to them.

    I have talked to many Muslims who consider themselves moderate and condemn terrorists but strangely support sharia law all over the world. Special privileges for Muslims that infringe upon the rights upon people of different principles.

    I hate islam because it is utterly against my beliefs. Very simple. Cutting hands of thieves, killing apostates, instructions to overrun a country that kindly offers you a home and make it Allah’s land. A belief that anything that is acceptable in the quran can be imposed, such as sex slaves, war booty so to speak.

    Search these quotes up. You’ll often find that ‘moderate’ muslims agree with these barbaric interpretations. They may just not want to tell you the truth or lie to you. “Taqiyyah”.

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