The Honorable Mr. Weiner Should Stay in Congress

June 9th, 2011

By Dan Miller

Rep. Anthony Weiner Removing one piece of fecal matter from an overflowing septic tank won’t improve the smell and the worse the odor the more obvious the need to empty it becomes.

Lots of Republicans, and Democrats as well, are demanding that the Honorable Mr. Weiner (D-NY) resign.

The push came as an angry Representative Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader from California, concluded that Mr. Weiner was becoming too much of a problem for his colleagues as they planned to retake the House in 2012.

The first — and most notable — call for Mr. Weiner’s resignation came on Wednesday afternoon from Representative Allyson Y. Schwartz, Democrat of Pennsylvania, a Pelosi ally who is overseeing the recruitment of the party’s candidates for the 2012 election cycle.

His continued presence in the Democratic minority can only help the Republicans and hurt the Democrats.  The Daily Beast claims to be concerned about an Ethics Committee hearing because the committee is largely stacked against him:

The panel that would investigate Weiner’s sexually charged online relationships is stacked with Southern, swift-justice Christian conservatives unlikely to relate to a sexting, swearing New Yorker, and liberal Democrats who have dedicated their careers to protecting the rights of women, both in the workplace and online. If Weiner wants to save his hide, he might have more luck in front of an old-fashioned firing squad.

The chairman of the House Ethics Committee this year is Rep. Josiah “Jo” Bonner, an Alabama Republican described by aides who have worked with him in the past as a family man and “Boy Scout.” Driven by a fundamental sense of right and wrong, the former Capitol Hill staffer made headlines during the ethics probe of Rep. Charlie Rangel by saying the New York Democrat Rangel had neither honor nor integrity, and adding, “Mr. Rangel should only look in the mirror if he wants to know who to blame.”

Damn! Some honorable folks in charge of the House Ethics Committee; how did that happen? Change we can believe in?

Why not lay off for now, let things proceed in a kindly, understanding way without posturing — after all, his dear wife, apparently now pregnant, loves him (she says) and it would be unkind to increase her already heavy burdens; having Mr. Weiner out of the Congress and at home would do just that.  After all, he is a leftist,  they don’t know any better and shouldn’t be held to high standards.  Get the leftists to do the moralizing — maybe give the Honorable Member a slap on the wrist (or wherever — maybe the Honorable Member Mr. Frank could administer it) and allow him to remain; get them to try to one up the faux-compassionate Republicans by showing that they are even more truly compassionate than the hypocritical Republican beasts; that their compassion extends not only to the little people in need of succor when they take other people’s money to support their beautiful “humanitarian” causes but also extends to the few repentant sinners within their own ranks. Let he who is without stones cast the first sin, or something.

We don’t need fewer Weiners in the House opposition and keeping him there as a useful idiot would be beneficial. He is a disgrace to the human race and that has now become obvious. It is not only because he took delight in virtual sex; that’s the least of it. He lied while embarrassing and blaming others, repeatedly, until caught; then he cried and said he would not resign (unfortunately, he may have been lying about that as well). Due to his televised performance, every sentence he utters hereafter for a very long time will be considered a lie: he lied, embarrassed and blamed others to keep his job and he will do the same to get back into the good graces of his leftist colleagues.

I’d like to see him become the chief spokesman for the House Democrats. That won’t happen, but it would be almost as good for him to come out early, often and four-square in favor of all of President Obama’s grand plans to save the world from capitalism and to make it beautiful for Islam. You betcha that every time he speaks about that sort of thing it will be considered newsworthy, maybe even more so than when other Democrats say the same things. Would his pronouncements on, for example, the need for a fairness doctrine, network neutrality and more money to clean up the internet help to advance those proposals? Moralizing over the wickedness of the filthy rich and the beauties of ObamaPlans?

It is very tempting to shoot Mr. Weiner even though it means shooting ourselves in the foot at the same time. We should reflect on the benefits of keeping him just where he is, for as long as possible, hanging in the wind as a distraction to his colleagues on the left and as a bad example to all.

(This article was first published at The PJ Tatler.)

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2 Responses to “The Honorable Mr. Weiner Should Stay in Congress”

  1. Tom Carter |

    Weiner staying in Congress would be a great gift to the Republicans. Every time he opens his mouth, the country will shake its head and maybe even wonder about Democrats in general. Well, except for his constituents — the majority of them still support him. Shouldn’t they have the representative they want — democracy, and all that?

    I heard he called Bill Clinton and apologized. Bill Clinton?! Say what?

  2. Dan Miller |

    The Honorable Member should certainly remain in the House for the balance of his term and, if reelected, have many more years there to serve as a shining example of . . . . something.

    As to his apology to former President Clinton, I wonder whether it was for reminding us again, after all these years, of Clinton’s sexual conduct while in office and the lies he persistently and for a very long time told when denying it.

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