Sticks Hicks Nix . . . ?

October 18th, 2011

By Dan Miller

Variety HeadlineOne of the country’s greatest headlines ever appeared in Variety back in 1935, when the good folks of New Rochelle (then out in the boonies but only forty-five minutes from Broadway) did not much care for a new motion picture. The headline was, “Sticks Nix Hick Pix.”

On October 14th, “Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren said on a liberal podcast she’ll be actively courting the ‘hick’ vote in 2012, a comment made in jest that could come back to haunt her nascent campaign.”

Is “hick” a term of disparagement? Do “hicks” get a joke coming from a librul politician? Will Ms. Warren go on stage to sing “Only forty-five minutes from Broadway?” Will former President Clinton accompany her on the saxophone?

We need answers to these important questions immediately.

(This article was first published at The PJ Tatler.)

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5 Responses to “Sticks Hicks Nix . . . ?”

  1. larry |

    Jeez brother Dan
    We don’t deserve big Billy and his horn. Just the very thought makes me grit what teeth I still have.
    Its amazing how many undeserving people we have in this nation. I’m not talking about illegal aliens. According to the likes of Ms. Warren and her ilk there is far to many “hicks” with the right to vote. I’m sure she holds similar opinions about hillbilly and redneck constituents/voters as well.

  2. Dan Miller |


    We don’t deserve big Billy and his horn. So very true. He is far too good for us mere mortals. We must be grateful that the sax is not his only horn to blow.

  3. d |

    We hicks likes Bill and Hillary cuz they acts like us. No offense taken about hicks votes,I understand liberals,I understand the comments and I am a hick,not ashamed or embarrassed, by the truth.

  4. Dan Miller |

    Us hicks don’t much cotton to Bill and Hill cuz theyuns done forgot about usns ceptin when them wants usn’s votes and money. Theyuns don’t fake sincerity too good nohow.

  5. d |

    L.O.L. Funny Dan. I guess it’s all true. Seems all politicians forget about usns, after they get elected.

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