Will AG Holder Go Under the Bus?

October 11th, 2011

By Dan Miller

President Obama and Attorney General HolderThe headline in this article in the Washington Post opinion section characterizes Attorney General Holder as President Obama’s albatross and then lists some of General Holder’s missteps, some political and some more substantive. The bottom line is that he is grossly incompetent.

Some of the comments appended to the article are interesting.  One suggests that President Obama will keep him around as a criticism sponge, to absorb the criticism otherwise directed at himself. In a sane world that could not continue indefinitely, particularly after President Obama expressed complete confidence in General Holder.

Do we live in a sane world?  I haven’t seen much lately to suggest that we do.

Who could President Obama appoint to replace a disgraced General Holder and what would be the consequences, assuming that Holder knows where the skeleton closets are?

(This article was first published at The PJ Tatler.)

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2 Responses to “Will AG Holder Go Under the Bus?”

  1. fawn2 |

    Eric Holder? Does anyone remember when Bill Clinton was leaving office at the end of his two-term presidency he “pardoned” a person by the name of Marc Rich? Well this same Eric Holder was the one who reccommended that pardon. When the Senate, lead by Democrat Robert Byrd, held hearings Byrd said that Eric Holder’s role in that debacle should disqualify him from ever holding any public office again.

    Obviously Obama wasn’t listening.

  2. Dan Miller |

    President Obama’s hearing is quite selective. He seems not to hear things he doesn’t want to hear and to hear those that he likes and/or can use to advantage. And, of course, it would be wicked to find fault with him for that minor deficiency. After all, he has so many good qualities such as:

    Uh, well, I mean you know, he must.

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