President Obama Suggests that the French First Lady Is Pretty

November 5th, 2011

By Dan Miller

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla BruniIn this story, of obviously crucial importance about a remark made by our beloved President Obama at the G-20 Summit, it is reported that President Obama said

“I want to make mention that this is our first meeting since the arrival of the newest Sarkozy, and so I want to congratulate Nicolas and Carla on the birth of Giulia,” Mr. Obama told reporters shortly after his arrival at the G-20, with Mr. Sarkozy at his side. “And I informed Nicolas on the way in that I am confident that Giulia inherited her mother’s looks rather than her father’s, which I think is an excellent thing.”

Unfortunately, many in France took umbrage at President Obama’s slight to President Sarkozy’s looks, which “caused a minor international incident.”

Mr. Obama’s remarks, intended as a compliment for the French president’s glamorous wife, ended up in the eyes of some Frenchmen as tagging their leader as an ugly man. France took notice.

“The U.S. President’s picnic on the ‘physical’ of his French counterpart is only the latest episode of reports [which are] rather cool at best, at worst frankly tense,” said L’Observateur newspaper, which called the two leaders “the best enemies.”

Another French publication said Mr. Obama had chosen to compliment Mr. Sarkozy “in a way unique to say the least, before the cameras around the world.”

The French celebrity website Staragora said Mr. Obama’s comment was “risky” and “not very cool, for the French president [was] humiliated in public.”

“Barack Obama has openly and publicly ridiculed the physical [appearance of] Nicolas Sarkozy,” Staragora said, adding that Mr. Obama’s comments were delivered “without pity.” (Emphasis added)

The French folks should, instead, have been greatly offended that President Obama even suggested that Mrs. Sarkozy is attractive. What a vile remark for anyone — particularly the President of the United States — to make suggesting that he has noticed that the wife of the President of France is attractive! In a public setting and with snoopy reporters around!  She must have been humiliated.

What will people in the United States think once Politico runs with this breaking scandal?  Will this incident take President Obama’s campaign for reelection off the rails? Will he turn to Mr. Cain for advice on how to handle this touchy situation? President Obama should, immediately, man-up, apologize and assert that he does not, personally, consider Mrs. Sarkozy at all attractive.

(This article was first published at The PJ Tatler.)

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5 Responses to “President Obama Suggests that the French First Lady Is Pretty”

  1. larry |

    Oh boy, President Obama really stepped in it this time. His insensitive remarks have angered all of France. Even worse, his comments could insult the ugly people here at home. In as much as the voting ugly people easily out number the undecided voters, he could be in trouble. I’m sure that the National Association for the Advancement of Ugly People(NAAUP)will not stand idly by while its members are made aware of their lack of physical beauty.
    Shame on you Mr. President.

  2. Tom Carter |

    In defense of the President, his approach to complimenting Carla by way of comparing her to her much less attractive husband is a common, joking way of making the compliment — at least in America. No one here would be offended, or at least shouldn’t be. Problem is, he was in the land of frog-eating surrender monkeys, and the cultural gap is just too wide.

    Personally, I think Carla is hot, if a bit too tall. She’s very much aware of her hotness, which is OK, and I suspect she agrees with Obama’s little bon mot. After all, does anyone think she married Sarkozy because of his tall good looks? But who knows; maybe he has attributes we don’t know about….

  3. Dan Miller |


    Problem is, he was in the land of frog-eating surrender monkeys, and the cultural gap is just too wide.

    Dear me. How politically incorrect. I agree. I once saw a suggestion that a big reason for French jingoism is that it a defense mechanism: they haven’t won a war in a long time. Hummm. On the other hand, we haven’t won one lately either, and that seems not to have generated a great deal of jingoism in the U.S.

    Of course President Obama’s was a harmless remark. I’m glad you included a satire tag. I hadn’t included one in the Tatler article, and one person took me seriously.

  4. larry |

    The ugly people thing is strictly “Tongue in Cheek”. Just a little humor to lighten the otherwise depressing condition of our political system. If the French cannot abide a little levity, so be it. Obama likes to hear himself talk. A weakness that sometimes results in either saying the wrong thing or saying the right thing but being misunderstood.

  5. d |

    Very funny. In America,men love that joke and are proud that their wife is prettier than they,not so sure about France. Tom,I think Obama likes tall women,of course he is right,we are the best. How can you be insulted, by someone saying your wife and child are prettier than you? I don’t know..that’s what’s wrong with the whole world,not much humor,anymore. Everyone seems to take themselves so seriously these days. I say,it is far better to laugh,than cry and complain. Anything worth doing,is worth laughing about.

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