Weather Wise

November 15th, 2011

By Jan Barry

Early Warning

October 29, 2011  Teaneck, NJ  (Jan Barry)Winter dropped from the October sky
Two days before Halloween—
Tree branches smothered in snow
On summer leaves snapping deep into the night
Made darker by downed power lines

Global warming! skeptics scoffed—
As this part of suburban civilization
Staggered for days without electricity,
Closed schools, postponed Halloween
Until tangled wires and lives are restored

–Jan Barry

(This article was also posted at EarthAirWater.)

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One Response to “Weather Wise”

  1. d |

    Weird weather all over. We have the worse drought in history,winter? Where is it,it’s 84 degrees here today. Course we rarely have winter,but one week it’s 85,next week it’s 55. Floods,earthquakes,droughts,where they don’t belong, strange things happening in weather all over,global warming? You bet your bippy. Nay-sayers,just open your eyes,look around you. It would just look so bad,if we were responsible,big business,air pollution,etc.,for global changes in weather,so hide your heads in the sand,and pretend we didn’t do it. I’ll think about it tomorrow. Or maybe,frankly,Scarlett,they just don’t give a d….

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