Murderers of the Fogel Family in Israel Are Heroes

January 29th, 2012

By Dan Miller

Fogel Family, Murdered by Palestinian TerroristsU.S warmongers who urinate on dead Taliban heroes are war criminals.

According to this article,

Palestinian television aired an interview with the relatives of the Fogel family murderers earlier this month, praising the two cousins convicted with the brutal attack as “heroes.”

The broadcast was aired as part of a weekly show on the Palestinian state-run station called “For You,” which focuses on Palestinian prisoners incarcerated in Israel.

Two adults and three children of the Fogel family were murdered in Itmar,  an insignificant bit of land claimed by the terrorist state Israel.  As I noted here,

Very lightly reported in the principal media, several heroes of Palestine “broke into the house of Udi and Ruth Fogel (36 and 35 years old, respectively), and stabbed them to death along with their 3-month-old daughter, Hadas, and two sons, Elad (3 years old) and Yoav (11).” YouTube promptly removed a video – not of the actual murders (there apparently was none to remove) but showing still photos of the dead Israelis. As all left thinking people know, YouTube did the right thing.

And, as noted here by Roger Kimball,

I first heard about this disgusting act of barbarism from a headline on the Drudge Report. The New York Times, which really never disappoints, today carries a piece under the title “Israel Approves Settlement Construction.” Five members of  “an Israeli family” — antiseptically left unnamed by the Times — were knifed to death in their sleep but the gravamen of the story was that the Israelis responded by deciding to build more settlements on the West Bank, a decision, our former paper of record sniffed, that “the attack and the government response threatened to drive Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking even further out of reach.”

What’s wrong with this picture? The dwindling prospects of “Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking” is not equally the fault of that butchery and Israel’s decision to build more settlements, as the Times implies. That sort of moral equivalence is in fact a moral outrage. But it is standard operating procedure for the New York Times and indeed for much Western media who occasionally leave off playing “blame America first” only to indulge in an inning or two of “blame Israel first.”

Murdered Child of the Fogel Family

Wicked Israeli Imperialist

Here’s a photo of one of the rabid Israeli imperialist youth righteously euthanized by the brave Palestinians. It takes a brave hero to kill a vile Israel imperialist like that! Praise be to Allah.

Here’s a YouTube video (for as long as it remains available):

But it’s all OK!  That’s what heroes do when fighting against oppression, for freedom, democracy and other humanitarian good stuff.  The surviving family members deserve to be taunted. And for all we know, the heroes who dealt with them did not urinate on their corpses as would have savages from the U.S. who deserve to be tarred, feathered and convicted of war crimes at the very least.  Since the Palestinian heroes apparently did not desecrate the bodies, they are our kind of guys!  Three cheers for Palestine and three yucks for the wicked Israelis who irritate them so maliciously. Peace is at hand, if only the Israel would negotiate in good faith.

These heroes of Palestinian liberation clearly deserve to be freed from durance vile and permitted to continue their good work.

Vermin? Of course not. That would unjustly disparage vermin.

(This article was also posted at Dan Miller’s Blog.)

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3 Responses to “Murderers of the Fogel Family in Israel Are Heroes”

  1. Tom Carter |

    This was a truly horrendous mass murder, made much worse by the praise Palestinians (and other Arabs) heap on the murderers. One can say (and many do) that, well, after all, Israelis kill Palestinian children, too. This is a perfect example of the false moral equivalency promoted by the media and much of the left. Truth is, non-combatants have died as a result of Israeli military action, but those actions were taken in response to and as a defense against terrorism.

    Once you cut through all the BS, there are three simple facts:

    1. As long as Palestinian terrorism continues, there will be no peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

    2. When Palestinian terrorism ends, peace will be possible.

    3. Once peace becomes possible, everything is possible.

  2. Anonymous |

    It’s sad to see how barbaric these Islamic Palestinians really are. Even sadder is the knowledge that their actions will probably go unpunished. The followers of Mohammed have spread to almost every nation on earth. The possibility of terrorist acts prevents any real support for Israel.

  3. Rachel |

    Shame on Israeli government for not deporting that evil family,and the people behind that horrible show,and shame on them as well for not closing down that terrorist television station permanately.

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