Let Us Be Fair, Peaceful and Healthy

April 29th, 2012

By Dan Miller

Fairness is good, unfairness is bad. Peace is good, war is bad. ‘Tis better to be rich and healthy than sick and poor.

new light bulbHaving brought us courageously from the dark and into The Light, President Obama is also leading us out of slavery begat of stingy unfairness and into the blessed promised land of milk and honey fairness.  When that task has been completed it will be a great gift for all of his creatures for all times, another important milestone for his legacy of non-narcissistic, even humbly generous, actions on our behalf.

Fairness is great and we shall have it.

Yes, of course. But, one must ask, what is “fair.” It is not an easy question but President Obama has given us the benefit of his wisdom.  Unfair means, for example, blaming instead of praising President Obama for anything the cautious restraint of his Senate in not passing a budget for three years. We should instead wish him and his Senate a Happy Third Anniversary today with hopes for many happy returns. That would be fair. Fair means taking even more money than at present from the few who have succeeded despite opposing President Obama and giving it to those who support President Obama and to the unsuccessful many, who deserve success no less and perhaps even more than do the ungrateful successful few.


Money is filthy, tainted stuff — the root of all evil — and the successful few should be grateful to him for relieving them of its burdens.  Some, incredibly, appear not to be. Plainly, they were successful due to unwarranted luck in selecting the right parents and in being born into the right culture, race and ethnicity; successful Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and all the rest are merely isolated exceptions who prove the rule. Those upon whom President Obama will bestow the fruits of the excessive luck of the successful will in turn themselves become successful. It might be like vaccination, injection of a virus-based vaccine to provide immunity. By inoculating the unsuccessful with fruits of the successful, the unsuccessful will become immune to the bad luck that plagues them. Or at least they will know for whom to vote; that’s no less important, because President Obama needs at least another four years to shower us all with his love, mercy and understanding that, indeed, passeth all human understanding.

obama_antoinetteobama_dress_codeAs his redistributions succeed, those upon whom the fruits of the works of others are rightly bestowed will become successful without acquiring the antisocial tastes for hard work luxury and other amenities sadly desired by the successful. The Obamas shall lead the way, as always.

We need Peace in our time and shall have it.

Major General President Obama will also give us the unquestionable joys of peace and prevent the disasters of war.  As proclaimed here, local gun violence and military spending “rob our communities of needed investments in human needs, at the federal, state and local levels….”  We are well along the path toward arresting both of those thieves.  President Obama has done his best to cut military spending and to eliminate the domestic scourge of civilian firearms.

Despite his success, even his Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, evidently hopes to avoid having to cut military spending to the bone and through the bone as did Louis Johnson, one of his predecessors during the Truman Administration.

Panetta’s lecture against political partisans refusing to compromise is pretty rich coming from the guy who stubbornly refused making any meaningful cuts to defense budgets, which make up an inordinate percentage of overall spending. He said cutting the defense budget back to 2007 levels would be “catastrophic,” and instead would only agree to slight reductions in the rate of growth in military spending. …

Panetta, by far the loudest money-grabbing warmonger of all, described the sequestration cuts that were supposed to automatically kick in if the Super Committee failed to reach a deal as a “doomsday mechanism.

According to Slate Magazine, shortly before the North Korean incursion into South Korea in June of 1950, President Truman

called Louis Johnson into his office and told him the economy-in-defense policy was dead….  The defense budget climbed—not just to beat back North Korea, but to tackle communism everywhere—and didn’t come down again for decades. From then on, U.S. foreign policy adopted the Manichean worldview that [Paul] Nitze laid down in NSC-68, viewing every local struggle as reflecting the “underlying conflict” between the “free world” of the West and the “slave society” behind the Iron Curtain.

support_communismMy understanding is that Communist Russia under Stalin had much to do with the initial invasion of South Korea and that Communist China under Mao eventually took over the reins. However, Stalin and Mao are gone. Having pushed the reset button successfully we need no longer worry about the former U.S.S.R., those who support it or, for that matter, China.

Having no foreign enemies is one of the prerequisites for peace and President Obama’s administration has wisely arranged that we have none.  Hence, Islam is not an enemy and we are not at war with it. “That is not how we view this problem or the challenges we have in the world today.” Instead, our enemies are right-wing domestic terrorists (but not peaceful and devout Muslims who may sometimes stray and engage in mere workplace violence). The Department of Homeland Security is on watch but needs even our help.

If you see something suspicious, don’t act like a community watch volunteer!  Don’t be paranoid but do call the authorities. It’s our patriotic duty and that is only fair. Two words of caution: be particularly alert for environmental injustice but on no account attempt to find voter fraud. That would be a waste of time because the Department of Justice is already hot on the trail and needs no help at all.

Be healthy, wealthy and wise.

Our generous Federal Government has mandated social justice by requiring that the states and the undeserving luckily successful do their fair share to support excellent health for all.  As is true of all governmental investment, that’s what makes America great. President Obama’s signature legislation, the Affordable Health Care Act, made history and it’s only fair that it did so. Ignore those who claim that there are substantial archaic and therefore irrelevant constitutional problems with ObamaCare. It was carefully vetted before passage by a Congress fully familiar with all of its provisions so there is no basis for concern. Were it unconstitutional it would never have been enacted.

Not only that, it frees us from the trivial worries of the day and promotes true social justice.

The gravy train is on track and ridiculous unelected Supreme Court justices cannot and will not, in unprecedented fashion, be permitted to derail it; all will be well.

Now, as during all fair administrations, the country is in the very best of hands; even the rubes in flyover country know it.

(This article was also posted at Dan Miller’s Blog.)

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One Response to “Let Us Be Fair, Peaceful and Healthy”

  1. larry |

    Well Dan, have you noticed the lack of support for the president? No one blaming Bush anymore?
    Not many defenders of the faith my friend. Maybe a few paid union members that show up at his dog and pony shows.
    No more tingly legs or visions of saint Obama.
    All Obama has to show for 3.5 years in office is an economy destroyed by a $16,000,000,000,000 debt and one maybe dead terrorist leader. Please keep in mind that there is no real proof that Osama was the person that was killed and buried at sea. Why no media pictures of the corpse? Next few month should be a hoot.

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